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Injectable treatment is widely popular amongst those who do not want to receive surgery to look younger. The minimally invasive technique involves only the prick of a needle to receive natural facial rejuvenation.

It’s not just women who desire injectables; men, too, want smoother skin and younger-looking features. Injectables can restore volume to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles regardless of gender.


Botox Beverly Hills CA

Although injectables are useful for almost any individual, some patients may have a preference over which injectable they receive. Much of the decision-making process comes from the area that requires treatment, which is different for men and women.

When it comes to the injectables that men are seeking, there are a few different concerns that they want to address. At Rodeo Surgical Art, Dr. Mashhadian uses injectable treatment as a solution for several cosmetic issues.


By now, nearly everyone has heard of Botox and what it’s capable of achieving. Cosmetically, Botox can reduce the appearance of forehead lines and crow’s feet along with several other areas where the skin has become prone to too much muscle exertion.

Botox works by targeting particular facial muscles directly and blocking their ability to move. By temporarily preventing muscle contraction, facial wrinkles can no longer form. In a matter of weeks, you will notice your forehead lines and crow’s feet less and less, and with monthly re-treatment, you can maintain your smooth skin.

Botox also has medical uses, depending on the particular condition you are facing. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is just one issue that the injectable is FDA-approved to treat. Whether you are working out or socializing with friends, sweating through your clothing is never fun. Additionally, the body odor you accumulate as a result can make you feel self-conscious.

When injected into the underarms, Botox can block the neurotransmitters in your body signaling your sweat glands to perspire. When your sweat glands don’t receive proper communication, then your t-shirts can remain dry. After a few weeks of having Botox injected, you will notice a significant reduction in sweat.


Along with cosmetic issues that your body produces, localized fat can also pose a problem, especially as you get older. Fat becomes harder to get rid of as you continue to age. Diet and exercise are not always effective for stubborn pockets of fat around your face and body.

It is possible, however, to treat fatty bulges through nonsurgical injectable treatment. Kybella is specifically designed to dissolve the fat creating a double chin. Known as submental fullness, the double chin is particularly difficult to treat. Before Kybella, many patients would resort to liposuction to eliminate fat.

Although liposuction is an effective treatment option, its invasive techniques would often deter most patients. Kybella, on the other hand, involves no incisions and includes only six injections that reduce fat in the submental region.

Kybella is comprised of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is responsible for metabolizing fat cells. In a higher concentration, deoxycholic acid can significantly eliminate the fat around the chin. Over a period of several weeks, you will notice an improvement in your profile, which will help you appear slimmer and younger.

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