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When you decide to pursue cosmetic surgery, you cannot be too careful in choosing the right surgeon for the job. By selecting a physician with the proper training, credentials and expertise, you ensure your procedure will be both safe and successful. Here are three good reasons to choose Dr. Mashhadian for your aesthetic enhancement.


The right credentials let you know that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is committed to the highest level of patient care and safety. As a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mashhadian enjoys a distinction not held by all surgeons in the field. This credential lets you know:

  • Dr. Mashhadian has received training in all aspects of cosmetic surgery
  • He has completed a fellowship consisting of 1-2 years in cosmetic surgery
  • He has performed more than 300 cosmetic surgery procedures
  • He is trained in non-surgical cosmetic procedures like injectables and skin rejuvenation

In addition to his appointment as Diplomate, Dr. Mashhadian has also been appointed a board examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.


Rodeo Surgical Art is a name that was specifically chosen by Dr. Mashhadian to highlight his commitment to both the highest level of surgical skill and his passion for art forms of all kinds. His background in painting, sculpting, ceramics and sketching has helped him develop a keen eye for the beauty of the human body. Each procedure he performs is done with the artistic sense he has nurtured since his childhood.

Dr. Mashhadian believes that cosmetic surgery is a marriage of art and medicine, as an artistic eye helps him to create natural, beautiful results for all of his patients. With a focus on proportion, balance and harmony, Dr. Mashhadian can ensure the results of your procedure fit with the rest of your natural features and creates the precise enhancement you are looking for from your surgery. His skill and experience also give you peace of mind in knowing your procedure will be as safe as it is effective.


In addition to looking at a surgeon’s credentials and philosophy, it is important to find out what other patients have said about the level of care and results they received from the doctor. In Dr. Mashhadian’s case, it is easy to see how patients have felt about their experience since many of the testimonials are posted right on the Rodeo Surgical Art website. You will find message after message from patients that felt they were well cared for and are happy with the results of their procedures.

Handwritten notes, emails and video testimonials are available for patients of all ages that received a variety of surgical procedures. Whether you are considering breast augmentation, a facelift or nose reshaping surgery, you can hear from a former patient that had a similar procedure performed. You will also discover that many of Dr. Mashhadian’s patients return for additional procedures since they were so satisfied with their initial experience at Rodeo Surgical Art.

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