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Whether you are stopping in for a quick cup before your procedure or looking for a place to relax after treatment, there are plenty of good Beverly Hills coffee shops to choose from. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we have selected some of the highest rated and most convenient shops nearby to help you make the most of your treatment days. Check out one of these shops the next time you are visiting our clinic. Nahid La Patisserie Located in the same spot as Rodeo Surgical Art, Nahid La Patisserie is a lovely place to enjoy a cappuccino and a delectable French pastry. This bright, airy eatery features breakfast and lunch entrees as well, with café seating a wide range of fresh baked goods. This business also is known for creating unique cakes for all occasions, all made to order for your special day. L’Amande French Bakery You will feel like you just flew to France when you step into L’Amande French Bakery. The sights and sounds are attractive, but it is the smells that will truly tantalize your taste buds and draw you in. In addition to their espresso and cappuccino offerings, L’Amande offers French breakfasts all day long, along with fresh sandwiches and salads. The bakery selection seems nearly endless with breads, pastries and croissants to choose from. American Tea Room This lovely café is more of an afternoon tea room than a morning coffee shop, featuring more than 200 different kinds of tea on the menu. The owner of the eatery is very knowledgeable and works with his customers to help them select a tea they are sure to love. The shop is also an excellent place to buy gifts for nearly anyone in your family or social circle. Euro Caffe This Italian coffee shop has been delighting Beverly Hills visitors since 2002 and claims the best espresso in Los Angeles. This quaint café is also a hot spot for soccer fans, as it features the most anticipated games each week. The place is particularly packed on Saturday mornings, when many of the premiere teams play. The menu is diverse, with plenty of salads and sandwiches to choose from. Brighton Coffee Shop Looking for an old-fashioned, All-American place to grab a cup of Joe? The Brighton Coffee Shop fits the bill. Don’t let the basic name fool you, however, this place is upscale enough to entice Rodeo Drive regulars while offering budget-friendly entrees for casual visitors to the area. Choose from a wide range of breakfast dishes while you are enjoying that steaming cup of java. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we want our patients to feel well-cared for throughout their visit. From your first consultation to your last follow-up appointment, we will support you throughout your process to ensure a safe and successful procedure. We’ll even throw in the perfect coffee shop to relax and unwind.

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