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You exercise and eat right, yet the fat under your chin doesn’t seem to budge. Genetics, diet, aging and weight fluctuations can create stubborn fat pockets. None are more noticeable, or more difficult to disguise, than a double chin. Fortunately, there is an FDA-approved, one-of-a-kind injectable treatment to kill unwanted fat cells and eliminate it from the body: Kybella. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we are pleased to offer this fat reduction treatment to our patients, under the expert guidance of Dr. Mashhadian. Like all non-surgical treatments, there may be some side effects, which is why it is important to choose the right provider for your care.

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Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015 to treat submental fat (a double chin). It is the first of its kind—a dermal injection that destroys fat cells, thereby eliminating a double chin. Kybella is ideal for use in small treatment areas that contain concentrated pockets of fat; hence the reason it is an effective double chin treatment.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a manufactured substance that is similar to what the body naturally produces to absorb fat cells. When Kybella is injected into the fat pocket under the chin, it destroys the fat cells. Over time the body flushes the dead fat cells out of the body. The double chin is eliminated, revealing a more youthful profile and defined jawline.


Because Kybella is non-invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia, it can be an excellent cosmetic alternative for patients with chronic health problems who cannot undergo more invasive treatments or surgeries that require anesthesia. Before any injections are administered, you will have a consultation with Dr. Mashhadian to ensure that you are healthy enough for Kybella and to determine if Kybella is the right procedure to help you eliminate your double chin.

Kybella is not recommended for patients who are or plan to become pregnant. Also, if you have an infection in or around the treatment area, you should postpone Kybella until the area heals. For patients with excessive loose or sagging chin and neck skin, it is important to note that Kybella can have some skin tightening effects, but may not get rid of the problem on its own. If tightening is needed and desired, additional procedures may be recommended, in conjunction with Kybella, to get rid of your double chin.


Worldwide, the most commonly reported side effects following a Kybella treatment include pain, redness, swelling, numbness and hardened areas under the chin. In extremely rare instances, more severe side effects can occur, such as: difficulty swallowing, nerve damage in the jaw, open sores, damaged tissue and tissue death in the treatment area. A vast majority of patients found these adverse side effects from Kybella to be temporary, with any issues clearing up within 3 months.

It is extremely important to be candid about your medical history with Dr. Mashhadian, who will ensure that there are no contraindications and can administer the treatment with the necessary care. If you have had prior surgical or aesthetic treatment in the area where Kybella is to be administered, Dr. Mashhadian will ensure that your treatment is provided with extra caution, taking into account any alterations to the anatomy and avoiding any scar tissue.

If you have any concerns after your Kybella treatment, contact us immediately.


Because of the potential side effects associated with Kybella, one of the most important factors when considering this treatment is finding an experienced injector. Rest assured that you have made the best decision by choosing Dr. Mashhadian and the expert staff at Rodeo Surgical Art for your double chin treatment. Dr. Mashhadian has both the artistic ability and medical knowledge to expertly and safely administer Kybella. Unlike other practices that utilize various health care professionals to perform Kybella, Dr. Mashhadian will personally consult with you about your treatment and administer your Kybella injections himself. As the King of Kybella in the entire Golden Triangle area, Dr. Mashhadian has had more experience providing Kybella than other providers in and around Beverly Hills, helping his patients achieve the results they want.


The area under your chin is cleaned and a topical numbing agent is applied. A grid is placed on the treatment area (think of how a child’s tattoo is transferred onto the skin with a wet washcloth). The grid strategically places dots throughout the treatment area to precisely guide where the Kybella injections are made. Dr. Mashhadian will gently pinch a dot on your skin and administer an injection via a thin needle. The needle is placed directly into the fatty tissue, making sure to avoid muscles and facial nerves. The process of pinching and administering the injection is very brief and painless. Dr. Mashhadian will continue this process across the underside of your chin, following the grid, until the desired number of injections are made. Small areas of fat may require as little as ten injections, whereas larger fat concentrations may require up to 50 injections. The entire Kybella treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.


Immediately following your Kybella treatment, an ice pack may be applied to the treatment area to reduce swelling and redness, and you can return to your normal activities. You will not have bandages, nor will you need to do anything special to tend to the treatment area. Just be gentle to the skin under your chin for a few days to allow the tissue to heal.


Your Kybella treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and thus will determine the number of additional treatments you need to eliminate your double chin. The exact number of treatments will depend on the size and amount of unwanted fat you have under your chin. It is our experience that patients with very little submental fat may only need one or two Kybella treatments to eliminate their double chin. Patients with more submental fat often need two to three treatments to achieve their desired goals. Any subsequent treatments should be spaced one month apart.


It takes time for Kybella to destroy the fat cells in your chin, and it takes time for the body to flush the dead fat cells out of your body. Because of this gradual process, we typically see initial results one month following each Kybella treatment. The effects are cumulative, meaning that additional Kybella treatments continue to eliminate unwanted chin fat and create a more defined profile. After two or three treatments, equating to two to three months, you can expect to see dramatic results. After your double chin is eliminated, you can expect permanent results if you maintain a healthy weight and understand that the natural aging process will continue.

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