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facelift is a surgical procedure that restores youthful vitality to the face. The procedure removes loose skin, smooths away wrinkles and creates a younger facial profile. In the past, facelifts were generally recommended for patients over the age of 60 that were showing significant signs of aging. Today, advancements in the procedure have allowed men and women as young as 40 to consider a surgical facelift for refreshing and rejuvenating the appearance. Are you ready for a facelift or should you continue to wait a few years before considering this procedure?

Beverly Hills Face Lift


In the past, a facelift was primarily used to address significant skin laxity around the mid and lower face. The procedure removed excess sagging skin, creating a tighter look to the cheeks and jawline. The result tended to look windswept and unnatural in many cases.

Today, the goal of a facelift is to restore a natural youthful appearance by treating loss of facial volume as well as skin laxity. The focus has moved beyond the skin to the underlying facial structure, as muscles and tissue are repositioned and volume is restored beneath the skin’s surface. The end result is much more natural and appropriate for younger patients looking for a way to turn back the clock before the signs of aging become too significant.


Different techniques in facelift surgery have also allowed this procedure to extend to a younger set of patients in some cases. Dr. Mashhadian offers a variety of facelift techniques that allow him to tailor each surgery to the unique needs and desired results of each patient. While traditional procedures may still be recommended for patients with significant skin laxity and aging symptoms, less invasive procedures may be used to address moderate signs of aging with less downtime and visible scarring.

A short scar facelift, also known as the s-lift or mini lift, is a procedure that can be especially beneficial to younger patients. The procedure involves very small incisions along the hairline, which can be used to reposition tissue and remove excess skin. Most patients recover from a mini lift within a few days and the results can last for a number of years.


For patients that would like to achieve a more youthful appearance but are not ready to commit to surgery, there are many non-surgical treatments available as well. Dr. Mashhadian uses a combination of injectable procedures and chemical peels to create what he calls the “non-surgical facelift.” The results can include restored facial volume, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a refreshed, healthy glow to the complexion overall.

Dr. Mashhadian will choose from a broad range of dermal filler solutions to help you achieve your specific aesthetic goals. In some cases, that may include permanent fillers like BellaFill or traditional fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse. Botox may also be used to smooth away wrinkles around the forehead and eyebrow area. The procedure is usually completed with a chemical peel that removes dead, dry skin cells on the surface, revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion.

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