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It is not unusual for plastic surgery patients to have more than one aesthetic goal, which is why the question of combining surgical procedures frequently arises. As techniques in plastic surgery have become refined and surgical times have shortened, combining procedures has become much more common in most plastic surgery offices. At Rodeo Surgical Art, Dr. Mashhadian is experienced in performing more than one procedure in a single surgery and will do so is select cases. There are a number of benefits to combining plastic surgery procedures today. Better Results When patients have more than one aesthetic concern to be addressed, they are less likely to be satisfied with a procedure that only addresses one of those concerns. By combining procedures, such as a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, you can see the full results of your surgery much quicker. Combining some procedures, like rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, also ensure balance and symmetry between the two. One Procedure, One Recovery Period When you are able to combine procedures, you get the results you want with a single surgery and recovery period. This means just one dose of anesthesia, which can lower anesthesia-related risks associated with multiple procedures. It also means a single block of time off from work and other activities to recovery from your surgery.

Cost Savings Plastic surgery costs involve a number of expenses, including anesthesia, facility fees and surgeon fees. By having more than one procedure at one time, you only have to pay some of these costs once, rather than twice. This can save a significant amount of money if you know you will be having more than one procedure to achieve your desired results. Guidelines for Combining Procedures Not every patient is a good candidate for combined procedures and not every procedure should be combined with another. Many factors will go into determining whether combined procedures is a safe and viable option for you. Your overall health and medical history, the amount of time required for each procedure and recovery expectations are just some of those factors. As a general rule, surgery should not include procedures that will keep patients under general anesthesia for more than 5-7 hours. Other considerations might include where the surgery will be performed and the types of procedures requested. Dr. Mashhadian has successfully performed multiple procedures on numerous patients, demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this practice.

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