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The following are some of the most asked questions about breast augmentation and the post recovery period:

What happens on the day of surgery?

Once the breast augmentation Beverly Hills has been completed, you will continue to feel some of the anesthesia.  Someone will have to drive you home and take care of you for the next 24-to-48 hours.  Dr. Mashhadian will prescribe an adequate amount of medication to make the recovery time less painful.  The medication consists of things such as muscle relaxants and Motrin.  Dr. Mashhadian will also prescribe Vicodin if it is needed.

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How long will it be before you can take a shower?

You can take a shower within 48-hours after your surgery.

How long will it be before you can take care of yourself on your own?

After your breast surgery Beverly Hills, someone will need to stay with you for a couple of days.  It will take about 5-to-7 days before you can resume your regular routine.  However, this should not consist of heavy lifting or exercising.  Around five or seven days after the surgery, you will be allowed to drive again.

What type of medicine can you take?

Your doctor will prescribe all of the medication that is needed for your recovery from Beverly Hills breast surgery.  You are encouraged to take Arnica Montana, which is an herbal medication, in order to heal the bruises.  Also, you are encouraged to take vitamins C and E in order to help the body get back into shape and to hinder the possibility of capsular contracture.

When will the swelling go down?

It will take about 2-to-3 weeks for most of your swelling to go down.  The leftover twenty percent will take another couple of months to completely go down. Put plenty of ice on your breasts in order to speed up the process.

When can you sleep on your stomach?

You can start sleeping on your stomach about ten days after your surgery.  You will discover that this will do wonders to decrease swelling and to make you more comfortable overall.

When are you allowed to exercise again?

You cannot do regular exercise or aerobics for a minimum of 14-days. You must not perform strenuous exercise or weight training for a minimum of 4-to-6 weeks after your breast surgery in Beverly Hills. Keep in mind that sex falls into this category as well.

When will it be okay for you to physically pick up your children?

Keep in mind that with subglandular breast implants, it will not take as long to heal as with submuscular ones.  Do not pick up or hold your children until 1-to-3 weeks after your breast augmentation surgery Beverly Hills.  If your child or children weight more than fifteen pounds, then following this guideline is extremely important.

When can you return to work?

If you do not have the type of job that requires heavy lifting, then you can return to work within one week.  Assume that most activities will be taxing and do not attempt them for at least 3-to-4 weeks.  Keep in mind that if you have submuscular implants it will take longer for you to return to your regular routine.

When will the permanent results of your breast augmentation be visible?

It will take at least one month for your permanent Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation results to be noticeable.  Basically, it will take around three months for you to see what the results are really going to be.  But, it may actually take a full year for your breasts to heal, fill in and settle down.

If you don’t like the result, how long do you have to wait before they can be corrected?

Remember, that it takes about a full year for everything to settle down. So, you might want to wait a minimum of a year before you consider another surgery. The caring staff at Rodeo Surgical Art are always available to assist you with information about breast augmentation.

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