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Body Contouring in Beverly Hills

The effects of weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can make it difficult to shed areas of body fat that may be resistant to diet and exercise. To add insult to injury, loose or excess skin may also be a problem, especially in cases of extreme weight loss. Body contouring offers an effective fat reduction and skin firming approach to tackling those stubborn areas and achieving the body profile you want. Dr. David Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art uses the latest cosmetic techniques to provide his patients with the results they want and expect.

What Is Body Contouring?

Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis is essential to maintaining a fit, healthy body. However, many people reach a plateau as far as trimming and shaping go. Particular body areas can be resistant to fat reduction despite your time spent at the gym or the calories you cut out of your diet. Areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and upper arms may hold onto excess fat no matter how hard you work to eliminate it. This is where body contouring can help.

Body contouring refers to a set of surgical and non-surgical treatments that target the fat and excess skin that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Rodeo Surgical Art offers a variety of different contouring techniques that sculpt and shape nearly any area of the body. If you feel you’ve reached a plateau and are dissatisfied with stubborn areas that don’t respond to your efforts, body contouring may be just the thing to help you achieve your goals and obtain the body you want.

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Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his cosmetic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our cosmetic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

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Candidates for Body Contouring

Body contouring may involve surgical procedures that require anesthesia, incisions, and some downtime. The best patients for these treatments are men and women in good health that are prepared to take sufficient time to heal and recover after surgery. While body contouring procedures are helpful when it comes to fat reduction, they’re not intended to be a weight loss solution or serve as a treatment for obesity.

Having realistic expectations about what your results will look like after treatment also makes for a much smoother process overall. Body contouring may be a safe and successful option for you if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your overall health status is good
  • You have good skin elasticity and thickness
  • Your weight is stable and within an average range
  • You intend to maintain your current weight and fitness level

Body Contouring Options

The following body contouring treatments are available at Rodeo Surgical Art:

If you’ve recently lost a considerable amount of weight or are just coming off a pregnancy, stubborn belly fat and possibly skin folds may be keeping you from reaching your ideal form. Belly fat is a common “plateau” issue for many people. A tummy tuck, one of the more popular fat reduction procedures, is specifically designed to remove fatty tissue and redundant skin from the abdominal region. Whether you want to get rid of a muffin top or love handles, a tummy tuck can produce the sculpted effect you desire.

Liposuction involves removing pockets of fat from any number of areas on the body, including the upper arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, ankles and more. The effects of liposuction not only work well as a fat reduction solution, but also decrease the total number of fat cells in your body. With fewer fat cells, the weight or fat gain potential in any one area is reduced.

Dr. Mashhadian uses the latest techniques in liposuction procedures to produce quality results with little or no scarring involved. Since liposuction requires incisions, making incisions in inconspicuous or hidden areas greatly reduces the likelihood of visible scarring. Dr. Mashhadian’s training and expertise make this possible.

An arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, specifically targets excess skin and fat under the upper portion of the arm. Stubborn fat pockets and excess skin can accumulate as a result of age, pregnancy, weight loss or genetic predisposition, giving the arm a flabby appearance. An arm lift procedure removes the fatty tissue and pulls the skin tight, restoring a trim contour under the arm. Pulling the skin tight will also help rebuild elasticity and firmness.

Post-Bariatric Body Shaping

Post-bariatric body shaping addresses a significant problem that people who’ve lost massive amounts of weight encounter: loose or excess skin. When the body takes on weight, skin in the affected area stretches accordingly to make space. When this weight is lost, the skin does not always conform to the new body contour. In cases of extreme weight loss, folds of loose skin can feel uncomfortable and look unsightly, taking away from the hard work that went into losing the weight. With post-bariatric body shaping, Dr. Mashhadian employs a series of procedures to remove and tighten areas of loose skin along the body. Areas treated include:
    Upper and lower abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Face
  • Breast

Changes in hormone levels, abnormal fat deposits, and some medications can cause male breasts to over-develop. This condition is known as gynecomastia, and it can be devastating to some men from a psychological standpoint. Male breast reduction corrects this problem and restores a man’s self-confidence in his appearance.

A male breast reduction procedure uses liposuction to remove fatty tissue from around the nipple and along the lower portion of the breast. For some men, abnormal glandular activity may also be contributing to the problem. In these cases, Dr. Mashhadian can remove the gland in addition to doing a liposuction procedure.

Unlike the previous contouring options, a butt lift procedure uses a non-surgical approach to shaping and sculpting the buttocks. Commonly used to restore smooth and supple skin to the face, dermal fillers can also be used to add volume and fullness to the backside. Dr. Mashhadian uses Sculptra for this purpose, which is an FDA-approved filler agent. Along with its volumizing properties, Sculptra also stimulates the body’s collagen production processes which make for natural, long-lasting results.

Putting a Plan Together

Working with your cosmetic surgeon to create an appropriate treatment plan is an important part of the body contouring process. For this reason, it’s important to choose a doctor who has the level of experience and training needed to deliver the results you want. Dr. Mashhadian will sit down with you to discuss your situation and help you determine which body contouring options will best meet your goals and expectations. Since some procedures focus on specific areas while others address several areas at once, it’s not uncommon for patients to combine procedures to achieve the best possible outcome. Dr. Mashhadian can put together a customized treatment plan that targets the areas you want contoured.

benefits of body contouring

Body contouring brings your whole body into focus and can truly transform your entire look. When every part of your body looks its best, you can have complete confidence in any situation – and this outcome is priceless. However, all body contouring treatments are not made the same, nor will any provider give you the outstanding results you deserve.


*Individual Results May Vary

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