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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

Excess breast fat and tissue can not only cause physical stress and discomfort but emotional stress and insecurity as well. Breasts that are too large for a woman’s body stature and weight can cause serious health problems, such as neck and back straining, neck and back discomfort, and skin irritation and rash. Many women may also suffer from an uncomfortable indentation on their breasts caused by bras, making it difficult to enjoy wearing desired clothing. The proper recommended surgical treatment is called a breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Our breast reduction procedure is the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue as well as the reshaping and contouring of the breast, breast tissue and also nipple placement and sizing. 

Upon arriving at your consultation Dr. Mashhadian and staff will ask you a series of medical questions regarding your overall health, weight, family medical history and details about why you desire a breast reduction. Then we will proceed to examine your breasts as well as take measurements and discuss your desired size and overall look. We will then form a treatment plan specifically catered to your projected image of the new you.

Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Your health and safety are our top concerns at Rodeo Surgical Art and when undergoing any surgical procedure there can be risks. We want our patients to be aware of these possible risks and complications. Some of the risks associated with breast reduction are possible scarring, infection, and changes in the nipple or breast sensation, which can be temporary or long-lasting, breast asymmetry, wound dehiscence (wound breakdown) and the fear of nipple loss which will be discussed at your consultation. While it’s important to know the possible risks, Beverly Hills breast surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian is of the highest-level training, so you are in amazing hands during your breast reduction.

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Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his cosmetic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our cosmetic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

See the results for yourself – click below to view before & after images from surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mashhadian himself.

Breast Reduction Procedural Steps

The first step when undergoing a breast reduction is the administration of anesthesia. Breast Reduction must be done while the patient is sleeping and cannot be performed under local anesthesia.

The second step is the incision. There are various surgical techniques and incisions that can be made on the breast when performing a breast reduction. The type of surgical procedure and incisions depend on the breast size, dimension, level of reduction and amount of tissue being removed.

The first level of a breast reduction is performed by making an incision, which follows the circumference of the nipple. Excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed and the adjusting of the nipple sizing and placement can also be done.

The second level and grade of a breast reduction is made by creating a key-hole patterned incision following the circumference of the areola and going downward vertically. This incision is for more moderate tissue and fat removal and can also shape and resize the nipple. The breasts are contoured and shaped to the desired size of the patient.

The third level of breast reduction is performed by making an anchor-shaped incision called the Inverted-T. This is for breast reductions that require more invasive and intense fat removal as well as tissue molding and nipple reshaping and resizing. An incision is made around the areola and then in an anchor shape above the areola then going downwards vertically so as to lift and reposition the underlying fat and tissue once pulled together and held in place.

Once the procedure is finished the incisions are brought together to reshape the smaller breast. The results of your breast reduction will be immediately visible and we will provide an excellent topical scar remedy to help with the appearance of the incisions.

Scarless Breast Reduction

The Scarless Breast Reduction is an alternative to the traditional breast surgery. This is a wonderful procedure for the individual with less breast relaxation and large breasts that elect to have a limited amount of reduction. Utilizing a liposuction technique and possible additional treatments such as VASER, Dr. Mashhadian can reduce the breast size for selected patients without any large incisions and scars. This reduces the risk of complications and recovery as well.

Feeling confident and secure with the look, overall health and feel of your breasts is one of the number one desired changes we hear requested from our female patients. It is only fair that we take into consideration the serious contemplation and thought our patients put into the appearance of their breasts. We want to achieve the best results possible and can do so with the skill and technique of Dr. Mashhadian.


*Individual Results May Vary

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