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Your eyes make up the focal point of your face, and when they begin to look perpetually tired, it can affect your entire appearance. This change is often not due to the eyes at all, but a weakening in the muscles of the forehead that can cause the brow to drop and the eyebrows to begin to sag. Whether the process is due to aging or genetics, the effects are often far from what we want to see. Fortunately, there is a surgical way to reverse this process, refreshing the forehead and the eyes at the same time. Dr. Mashhadian offers brow lifts at Rodeo Surgical Art to address signs of aging in the upper face and turn back the clock on your appearance.

brow lift Benefits

  • Reverse the aging symptoms that lead to a perpetually tired appearance
  • Restore the brow line to a refreshed, more youthful position on the face
  • Customize procedure to the level of correction you need and the results you want
  • Incisions are placed in hairline, where visible scarring is minimal
  • Advanced techniques reduce recovery time and the need for narcotic pain medicine
  • Results will last for many years, allowing you to preserve your more youthful facial contour


A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that addresses the natural processes that typically occur as a result of the aging process. The muscles that hold up the brow and the rest of the forehead can weaken over time, allowing the position of the brow to drop. At the same time, depletion of collagen, a protein found in the dermal structure, leads to skin laxity which further exacerbates the sagging effect. As you make regular facial expressions like squinting or frowning, lines can develop that expound the aged appearance.

The brow lift can address all these concerns, and it can be tailored to the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each client. Through surgical incisions, loose skin can be removed, and underlying muscles and tissues can be repositioned to create a naturally smoother appearance. Most lines and wrinkles are also reduced in the process, resulting in a more youthful look overall. Dr. Mashhadian has created a proprietary post-operative system known as Recovery EXL, which reduces discomfort after surgery and avoids the need for narcotic pain medication. He also used a revolutionary topical regimen to minimize the appearance of visible scarring.

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What Can a Brow Lift Treat?

A brow lift can treat a variety of concerns in the upper portion of the face:

  • Descending brow that creates a perpetually tired or sad appearance
  • Loose skin that results in hooding over the eyes
  • A brow line that becomes lower over time
  • Horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Vertical indentations between the eyebrows, known as frown lines
  • Horizontal creases at the top of the nasal bridge, known as bunny lines

While a brow lift may provide some refreshment to the eyes as well, the improvement is likely to be minimal. However, Dr. Mashhadian can combine a brow lift with eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty to enhance your outcome further. As an expert in maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Mashhadian can visualize symmetry and beauty in the face to create the best possible results for you.


Dr. Mashhadian performs two different techniques with his brow lift surgeries:


This facial plastic surgery is performed using an endoscopic camera and surgical instruments that are placed through tiny incisions inside the hairline. Through these incisions, Dr. Mashhadian can remove some loose skin to create a firmer, smoother contour to the forehead. This less invasive approach is beneficial for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging in the upper face. Smaller incisions mean a faster, more comfortable healing process and even less scarring than you might have with a full brow lift.


Also known as a trichophytic or traditional brow lift, this technique is used when more correction is needed to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals. The incision runs across the top of the forehead, inside the hairline where visible scarring with be minimal. The extended incision allows Dr. Mashhadian to remove more excess skin while providing more significant adjustment to the muscles and tissue below. While the recovery time is longer with this technique, the results can be even more dramatic and long-lasting as well.

Dr. Mashhadian will perform your procedure under general anesthesia, which means you will be comfortably asleep throughout your surgery. Most brow lifts take about two hours to complete, and you will be able to return home a few hours after your procedure is over. Because of the general anesthesia, you will need someone to drive you home and monitor you for the first day or so to ensure the beginning of your recovery process is both safe and comfortable.


Bruising and swelling are typical after a brow lift, but Dr. Mashhadian will provide you with instructions to minimize the side effects. Dr. Mashhadian will also provide you with a prescription for pain medication to take for the first couple of days when discomfort may be most intense.

Most patients are back to work within a week or two, depending on the extent of correction that was performed. Strenuous exercise will be restricted for many weeks. If you carefully follow all your post-operative instructions and keep your follow-up appointments with our office, you can rest assured your recovery will be safe and as quick and comfortable as possible.

The addition of Recovery EXL means you will wake up from your surgery with much less discomfort than you would expect. You will not need to take any narcotic medication that can make you drowsy and cause numerous gastrointestinal side effects. You will be able to get up and around more quickly after surgery, which will encourage healthy healing and reduce your risk for blood clots.


A brow lift offers long-lasting results, with most patients enjoying their refreshed appearance for five to 15 years, depending on the technique used during the surgery. You can take steps to prolong your positive outcome by protecting skin from the sun and using high-quality skincare products that pamper your skin with the necessary nutrients to maintain its youthful glow.


*Individual Results May Vary

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