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When we get older, there are wonderful ways to stay looking younger.  You may want to look into Eyelid surgery Los Angeles because both the upper and lower eyelids will start to get puffy with age.  Your cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles will try to find non-surgical ways to get this excess skin off and make your lids look better.  If a blepharoplasty Los Angeles is required, the average patient will get this procedure done and be able to go back to work within a week.

Los Angeles Blepharoplasty

cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles will use a more experienced method of applying an incision on your lower lid and reduce the wrinkles by removing the excess fat.  Eyelid surgery in Los Angeles can make puffy or tired looking eyes look much better by getting rid of the additional fat that is on the eyelids.  This can be done to make you look better or to also improve your vision.  Your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon can perform this procedure in office with the aid of anethesia in less than forty-five minutes.  You can get Los Angeles eyelid surgery done right along with a Botox injection or facelift.  This procedure will make your face look much better by reducing both crow’s feet and by changing the appearance of the black circles that are under your eyes.

Eyelids Change As We Get Older

When we start to age, your lower and upper eyebrows will start to get saggy skin and look puffy.  Your skin will soon start to wrinkle, which is usually the case with people who are exposed to the sun a lot.  You will normally get crow’s feet on either side of your eye.  This puffy look is often in your genes and might take place when you are younger.  A  surgeon can make precise surgical incisions in order to get rid of excess fat and skin.  A majority of eyes and brows are asymmetrical.  Your surgeon can make your face more symmetrical.  A lot of incisions have can be put in the natural folds on top of the eyelids, but others are put on the external folds on the top eyelid hooding so that it will lift the corner up.  A quality surgeon will make your eyelids better and get rid of the sagging skin that can collect at the perimeter of your eyelids along the smile lines.

Dr. Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art is an experts at blepharoplasty surgery.  Dr. Mashhadian has expertise and experience in eye, brow, face, breast and nose surgery.

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