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What is BOTOX®?

When you smile, laugh, frown, furrow your brows in concentration, and perform many other repetitive facial expressions, that takes a toll on your skin in the form of dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet, laugh lines, brow furrows, or forehead lines. BOTOX® has become such a commonplace solution to reduce these wrinkles, there are so many med spas performing them. How do you know the best place to have BOTOX® treatments? Dr. David Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art is a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon who takes BOTOX® treatment to the next level.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

You may have earned every one of your worry lines, but that doesn’t mean you want to display them at the expense of your youthful appearance. With BOTOX®, you can relax dynamic wrinkles by interrupting the muscle movements responsible for repetitive facial expressions. BOTOX® works by blocking nerve signals to muscles in your forehead, brows, around your eyes, and your mouth in a process called cosmetic denervation. Without regular muscle contractions, your skin has a chance to relax and repair skin cells damaged by repetitive facial expressions.

Dr. Mashhadian’s skill, extensive training, and experience makes having BOTOX® treatments at Rodeo Surgical Art a better investment than at other med spas performing cosmetic denervation. We provide a full exam and skin evaluation in order to understand every detail of your cosmetic goals and your skin’s condition. Dr. Mashhadian himself performs BOTOX® treatments, not only to ensure the treatment meets his exacting standards but to answer every question and ensure you receive world-class care.

Am I a Good Candidate?

BOTOX® is one of the most studied cosmetic enhancement medications and has been proven safe time after time. Most people who desire a reduction in dynamic lines and wrinkles are good candidates for BOTOX® treatment, and Dr. Mashhadian can bring you natural results in a luxurious setting with high clinical standards of excellence.

What is the Procedure Like?

BOTOX® is administered in very small doses with micro-needles at Rodeo Surgical Art to achieve precision delivery for the most natural and effective results. Because the needles are very thin, there’s minimal discomfort with BOTOX® injections and they are well tolerated by most patients. Topical numbing cream is also available for maximum comfort. After your minimally invasive BOTOX® procedure, you’re free to resume your normal schedule, including driving. There may be some injection site tenderness or bruising, but this will resolve on its own in a couple of days.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results at Rodeo Surgical Art are what make our BOTOX® treatments a cut above the rest. Dr. Mashhadian uses advanced injection techniques to achieve the desired results, so you’re never left with a frozen or surprised appearance. BOTOX® takes up to 7 days to take full effect, after which your dynamic wrinkles begin to fade. You’re left with smooth skin and more youthful-looking features without sacrificing your expressive personality. While BOTOX® cannot minimize wrinkles caused by aging or sun damage, it can prevent expression-caused wrinkles from deepening, and can take years off your appearance. Seasoned patients find they need fewer units of BOTOX® less frequently the longer they have cosmetic denervation treatments, as the muscles become acclimated to the medication.

If you’re sick of looking aged, stressed, and overtired when you really feel energetic and ready to take on the world, you can match your outward appearance to your inner energy in a 15-minute BOTOX® appointment at Rodeo Surgical Art. Dr. Mashhadian’s personalized boutique-style service is designed to give every patient his full attention with comprehensive treatment for all your cosmetic enhancement goals. Call today to get started.

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