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Dr. Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art is very experienced in administering botox Los Angeles injections and has done so successfully to many patients over the course of his career. Botox, which is also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, is a safe and successful way to temporarily get rid of the lines and wrinkles that are on your face.  Los Angeles botox takes skill to administer correctly.  Unlike many places where botox injections Los Angeles are done by nurse practitioners, at Rodeo Surgical Art all injections are personally done by Dr. Mashhadian.

Botox Los Angeles

Botox functions by making the muscles in your face much more relaxed.  These are usually the same muscles that bring about the wrinkling in your face.  So, with Botox injections in Los Angeles, this makes those wrinkles go away. This medicine which is known for decreasing the lines that can be seen on your forehead, eyes and mouth, has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  Although it is used in other places of the body as well, it is only a temporary way to treat your wrinkles.  It might not take you that long to see wonderful results, but don’t get too happy because these results will only stick with you for about three or four months.

Botox’s History

For more than twenty years, Botox has been used to help patients who suffer medically from things such as nervous conditions, muscular problems and eye spasms.  To be quite frank, using Botox to treat wrinkles was a discovery that was made by mistake.  A Vancouver dermatologist and his wife, an ophthalmologist, made the discovery by accident. The wife’s patients noticed that when she used Botox to treat them for their eye spasms, the medication made the wrinkles around their eyes decrease.  So, the use of Botox  all began back in 1986 when the husband put two and two together and started treating his dermatology patients for wrinkles.

How Botox Works

Botox is a natural item that is the result of the bacteria that is responsible for botulism.  It has the ability to block acetylcholine from being released where your muscles and nerves come together.  Acetylcholine is the substance that tells your muscles to tighten up.  When this signal is blocked, this means that the muscles in that area are temporarily relaxed.  They will remain in this relaxed position for about three to four months.

How Botox is Used Cosmetically

Dr. Mashhadian has plenty of experience injecting botox in Beverly Hills many different places of your face.  However, most patients want the lines in areas such as their forehead and eyes to be treated the most.  There are Botox injectors who have the experience to also put Botox in other places such as your face and neck.  These injections can make the lines around your lips get smaller, pull up the corners of your mouth, pull up your lateral eyebrows and reduce some of the bands that are around your neck.  Also, Beverly Hills botox injections can make your face more asymmetrical by improving the hyperactive muscles that are in your face. Yes, the effects of Botox injections are temporary and will only last about three or four months.  However, the good thing is that you will see quick results in about seven days after you are injected.

Use Botox to Decrease Sweating

Sweating, which is also called hyperhydrosis, is an everyday condition that both men and women suffer from.  This is something that targets areas such as your armpits, feet and hands.  As a result, it can cause much embarrassment when it gets out of hand.  However, Botox can help by inhibiting excessive sweating for up to three to four months.

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