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Considering that it is really gaining in popularity in terms cosmetic surgery, Beverly Hills breast augmentation is still a very good option for ladies who are not happy with the natural size of their breasts.  When it comes to Beverly Hills breast revision surgery, a woman can choose from various options. Dr. Mashhadian personally consults every patient at Rodeo Surgical Art and answers questions patients have about their revision breast surgery Beverly Hills.  Beverly Hills is known for so many cosmetic procedures that they have become commonplace, and many of the doctors are very experienced — ours is considered one of the best.  If you are worried about the possibility of getting scars, this can be discussed when you have your first breast augmentation Beverly Hills consultation.

When it comes to doing a breast augmentation and not leaving a scar, there are basically two well known ways to get it done.  These methods will not only reduce the size of the scar, but will use an endoscope to do it.  This is a little tool that is put into the body so that the surgeon can see different sections inside of the body. These key procedures are called the following:

1. TUBA transumbilical cosmetic breast augmentation

2. Transaxillary cosmetic breast augmentation.  This procedure is done by making a cut under the armpit.

TUBA Breast Implant Surgery Beverly Hills

When the surgeon uses the transumbilical procedure, he will be making a cut in the belly button.  Due to this particular tactic, the procedure is often referred to as the navel breast implant.  This is due to the fact that the doctor does not actually work on the breast directly. He has to use an endoscope. Once the cut has been made on the belly button, Dr. Mashhadian will make a path that goes from the inside abdomen all the way to the breast area.  Your breast implants will be put in the breast pocket in either a submuscular or subglandular setting.  Once they have been positioned, they will get a certain amount of saline injected into them.  The transumbilical breast surgery will need a surgeon who is very experienced and Dr. Mashhadian is very qualified.  Usually with type of procedure you will not be able to notice a scar whatsoever.

Transaxillary Breast Surgery Beverly Hills 

The transaxillary strategy does a cut in the natural areas of the armpit.  This will make it possible for any scar to be undetected and also be a good distance away from the likely location.  It is somewhat similar to the TUBA strategy when it comes to breast location.  But the doctors can do this particular method with the use of endoscopic technology. Depending on your preference, it can also be done without this technology.

The cut is done in the armpit and Dr. Mashhadian does a dissection in order to see the actual breast pocket.  The breast implant is put in via three probable ways which are either muscular or glandular, but either way will need a particular amount of saline injection.  You also have the option of getting silicone breasts instead, but the doctor will have to use a different type of cut.  Either way, the scar will only be about 2.5 cm, which is tiny and cannot be seen.

Endoscopic Beverly Hills Breast Implants– The Cons

The main problem with having these surgeries done is that you might have to get them redone sometimes again, later on.  If something happens with the capsular contracture, you will have to get a basic cut that is close to the breast.  However, there are a few cosmetic doctors who will not do endoscopic breast implants.  Beverly Hills surgeons such as this do not like the procedure because it limits their ability to get near the breasts during the actual surgery.

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