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During the first consultation with your Santa Monica cosmetic surgeon, show him photo examples of what you want your new breasts to look like.  Although you can show your cosmetic surgeon Santa Monica examples, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your breasts will look exactly like the ones in the photo.  This is because women’s bodies are different.  The photos will just give your breast surgeon Santa Monica a great indication of what your size expectations are.  However, don’t be surprised if you and your surgeon envision different things in terms of size.  Never say that you want a particular amount of cc’s because you might get exactly what you requested.  Unfortunately, it might be bigger or larger than what you really wanted.

Breast Implants Santa Monica

Also, take the following things into consideration when you are trying to choose the right breast implants Santa Monica for your body.

  • Do you want natural or fake looking breasts?  This might seem like a silly question to ask, but read the facts and make an informed decision.  Opting for natural looking breasts means that you will have breasts that have a natural slope.  This also means that you opt for a believable size that does not look fake.  Quite naturally, fake breasts are usually so big that they could never be natural.  Also, a fake breast shape many times appears perfectly round.  A lot of women like to get a combo of both natural and fake breasts.  Fake, natural, it’s all up to you.  A woman should have what she wants.  There is nothing wrong with either of them.  No two women are ever the same.
  • What type of lifestyle do you have?  If you play a lot of sports, you should think very hard about your size choice carefully.  If you get breast implants in Santa Monica that are too big, they might keep you from doing the things that you want to do.  Although this will not be an issue for most women, it is still something that should be considered.
  • Consider your decisions and the associated risks.  Keep in mind that there are more risks when you opt for a larger size with breast implant surgery Santa Monica.  For instance, there is the risk of bottoming out.

Usually, breasts implants look smaller than natural breasts.  For example, if you get a C cup, your breasts will look like a B cup.

It is easy to camouflage or accentuate your breast implants with the right clothes.  Obviously, a loose fitting shirt will make your breasts look smaller than what they are.  On the flip side, if you don’t wear tight clothing, you will be able to camouflage the size of your breasts.  If you wear tight clothing, this will make them stand out.  It is best to try on different size clothing before the consultation with your plastic surgeon.  If you have always been small-chested, then most clothing is going to seem too large on you.  But, after the cosmetic surgery Santa Monica, you will not have any problems getting accustomed to bigger and more attractive breasts.  Going through the sizing process will give you an idea of what you will look like and the amount of cc’s that will be needed to make you look a certain way.  Use the Rice Test to estimate the correct size.  Although this DIY method is not an exact science, it can give you a pretty good idea.

Figuring Out the Right Bra Size and Cup Size

Once you have gone through breast augmentation Santa Monica, you will encounter a different issue.  It has been proven that most women are wearing the incorrect bra size.  Most women assume that this problem will go away once they get a breast augmentation in Santa Monica, but this is the wrong assumption.  Depending on the style and maker, bra sizes are different.  For instance, just because you purchased a 40C bra from your local retailer does not mean that you can wear all 40C bras.  A breast implant usually is much wider than natural breast.  So, this means that you will probably have to wear a larger cup in order to accommodate your new breast implants.

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