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breast lift surgery Beverly Hills is performed in order to fix breasts that sag.  This procedure is designed to reposition the breasts and make them look younger and perkier.  With a mastopexy, as it is also called, the goal is to get the most beautiful breasts without leaving noticeable scars.  A Beverly Hills breast lift can be a wonderful option for many women wanting to look their best.

Breast Lift Beverly Hills

Who would find a breast lift advantageous?

Please note, a breast lift in Beverly Hills surgery does not accomplish the same things as breast augmentation Beverly Hills.  This is because a breast lift does not make the breast fuller.  A breast lift Beverly Hills can improve appearance in many cases.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then a Beverly Hills breast lift surgery might be beneficial for you:

*Breasts are sagging

*Breasts are not firm

*Skin is not elastic

*Nipples are sagging

How do surgeons perform a breast lift?

In order to repair breasts and put the nipple back into place, there are many medical methods that a surgeon can use.  The first thing that has to be done is to make an incision that goes around the nipple in either a partial or circumferential direction.  Sometimes, the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon might need to make a second vertical incision that will run vertically, if he has to move the nipple up higher.  Once the incisions are finished, your cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills will remove some of the skin and glandular tissue in order to shape it and make the breast look better.

Post breast surgery

Once your cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills is done, the surgeon will cover it up with either tape or gauze.  You can expect to see a few bruises, but your pain will be under control due to your medication.  Also, you must wear a special type of bra during the healing period.

Even though your surgery scars will fade over time, they may not go away completely.  This is one aspect of breast lift procedure Beverly Hills that you should consider before having surgery.  Also, its important to keep in mind that as a result of your breast surgery Beverly Hills, you could possibly lose some of the sensation in your nipples.  All of your questions will be answered when you meet with the caring staff of Rodeo Surgical Art and Dr. Mashhadian.

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