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As time goes by, the average woman’s breasts will look and feel different.  Usually, this is not change that most women are comfortable about.  A Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon can do much to correct these issues. Many of these changes have nothing to do with age or physical fitness.  They mostly are the result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, losing weight, gravity, bad bras, hormones, hereditary factors and your overall health.  These conditions can make your once perky breasts turn into deflated ones.

Los Angeles Breast Lift

breast lift in Los Angeles or mastopexy can change all of this by giving the breast tissue a new shape, firm the skin and reduce the size of the nipple areas by moving them to a higher spot.  The outcome will result in breasts that are much firmer, uplifting, shapelier and more attractive.  There are options that a cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles can provide to substantially improve your overall look.

Mastopexy Choices

A mastopexy consists of re-elevating the breasts to a higher position.  This is done by dealing with the excess and stretched skin by reshaping the breasts.  It will not change the volume of the breasts, but women with fuller breasts could possibly end up with their breasts being reduced.  A Los Angeles breast surgery or lift will result in breast tissue that is tighter, which might make the breasts appear much smaller.

If you like the size of your current breasts, it is possible to get a breast lift or cosmetic surgery Los Angeles without increasing the size.  However, according to most surgeons, many women who get breast lifts also choose to get a breast augmentation too.  They want to lift their breasts, but they also want them to be much bigger.  Breast implants will make the breasts both larger and shapelier.  This will make your cleavage look better and give you a younger look.

Los Angeles breast lift that includes implants will consist of two separate things, which will be a breast lift and a breast augmentation.  Both procedures will be performed during the same surgery.  So, if you want to get both the breast lift Los Angeles and the Los Angeles breast implants, then this should be considered in the same light as you would a regular Los Angeles breast augmentation.  There are a couple of factors and risks that you should take into account first.

Reducing the breast size is done in the same fashion as a breast lift.  It includes incisions too, but with one difference.  There is a lot more breast tissue that is taken out.  Women with large drooping breasts want to decrease their breast size in order to get rid of their problems.  The lift part of this procedure just happens to be a priority too.  With a breast lift, it is the lift part that is the key reason that the surgery is being done and not the breast reduction portion.

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