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While breast enhancement procedures are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States, many women are taking a load off their backs with breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction can allow you to wear a wider variety of clothing styles and help you feel less self-conscious about your breast size.

Large, uncomfortable breasts may cause understandably severe psychological distress. There are also physical factors to consider; women with very large, drooping breasts may experience a variety of medical problems caused by the excessive weight-from back and neck pain and skin irritation to skeletal deformities and breathing problems.

If you are considering reduction mammaplasty, it’s important to learn more about your different options and what the breast reduction procedure will entail.

Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

A traditional breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which excess breast fat, tissue, and skin are removed to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body.

  • This procedure can relieve the physical strain caused by overly large breasts.
  • It can also help women feel less self-conscious about their figure and enjoy a more youthful-looking bust line.
  • If you suffer from pain and discomfort as a result of large breasts, breast reduction surgery may be for you.

How Can Breast Reduction Surgery Help Me?

  • Breast reduction surgery can improve your life by alleviating pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.
  • It can allow you to wear a wider variety of clothing styles and help you feel less self-conscious about your breast size.

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery

There are various surgical techniques and incisions that can be made on the breast when performing a traditional breast reduction. The type of surgical procedure and incisions depend on the breast size, dimension, level of reduction and amount of tissue being removed.

The first level of a breast reduction is performed by:

  • Making an incision, which follows the circumference of the nipple.
  • Excess fat, tissue and skin are removed, and the adjusting of the nipple sizing and placement can also be done.

The second level and grade of a breast reduction is made by:

  • Creating a key-hole patterned incision following the circumference of the areola and going downward vertically.
  • This incision is for more moderate tissue and fat removal and can also shape and resize the nipple.
  • The breasts are contoured and shaped to the desired size of the patient.

The third level of breast reduction is performed by:

  • Making an anchor-shaped incision called the Inverted-T. This is for breast reductions that require more invasive and intense fat removal as well as tissue molding and nipple reshaping and resizing.
  • An incision is made around the areola and then in an anchor shape above the areola going downwards vertically so as to lift and reposition the underlying fat and tissue once pulled together and held in place.

Once the procedure is finished, the incisions are brought together to reshape the smaller breast. The results of your breast reduction will be immediately visible, and you will be provided with an excellent topical scar remedy to help with the appearance of the incisions.


  • Typically the best method for women with extremely large breasts.
  • Allows surgeon to remove more tissue than other methods.


  • Leads to more scarring.
  • The risk of loss of sensation and loss of breastfeeding ability if blood vessels and milk ducts of the nipple becomes completely detached.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Women with excessively large breasts.
  • Women with more glandular tissue than fat.
  • Should have strong desire to alleviate discomfort caused by excessively large breasts.
  • May want to wait until after having children due to the risk of losing breastfeeding ability.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Scarless breast reduction, also known as liposuction breast reduction can be a good procedure for women who only need a reduction, not a lift. If there is enough elasticity in the skin, it will retract and produce a visible breast lift. This means that going into the procedure the breasts and nipples are in optimal position, have a good natural shape and only need to be reduced in size.


  • Less trauma to the breast
  • Faster recovery
  • Less visible scars
  • Fewer postoperative complications
  • Milk ducts are usually not affected, and breastfeeding is still possible.
  • No risk of sensation loss in the nipple area or breast skin.


  • Not ideal for breasts that have more glandular tissue than fat.
  • Does not change the shape of the breast.

Ideal Candidates

  • Young women with modest breast enlargement, but without much sagging because excess skin will not be removed.
  • Women who do not have excessively large breasts (liposuction typically provides a 30-50% reduction in size).
  • Women who do not have overly dense breast tissue (often signifies more glandular tissue than fat).

Initial Consultation

Upon arriving at your consultation Dr. David Mashhadian and staff will ask you a series of medical questions regarding your overall health, weight, family medical history and details about why you desire a breast reduction. Then we will proceed to examine your breasts as well as take measurements and discuss your desired size and overall look. We will then form a treatment plan specifically catered to your projected image of the new you.

Rodeo Surgical Art

Our goal at Rodeo Surgical Art in Beverly Hills is not to change but to enhance, not to erase but to adjust, and above all to paint each of our patients’ individual masterpieces.

Dr. David Mashhadian is fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery, a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His extensive training and continuing education ensure our place at the top of an ever-changing cosmetic industry.

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