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Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

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The buccal fat pad is a small area of fat located inside the cheek that gives the midface its fullness and definition. However, too much buccal fat can make for chubby “chipmunk” cheeks that many adults find less than desirable. To counter the effects, Dr. Mashhadian offers buccal fat pad reduction to slim the facial profile and produce a more attractive, sculpted contour to the midface.

What is buccal fat pad reduction?

The buccal fat pad is situated between the cheek, nostrils, and corners of the mouth, offering a smooth area for the jaw muscles to do their work. In youngsters, the extra fullness is helpful for the nursing process as well. This fat deposit is also the area that can become atrophied as a result of HIV or other medical conditions, producing a hollow, gaunt appearance to the face.

Buccal fat pad reduction is a surgical procedure that removes a portion of the pad to produce a slimmer, more sculpted facial contour. Dr. Mashhadian will not remove all the buccal fat, but merely reduces the amount present to create the desired effect. By leaving a small amount of the pad intact, Dr. Mashhadian minimizes the risk for facial hollowing years later as the aging process begins to take effect. Choosing a reduction over the full removal of the pad also results in a more natural appearance to the facial contour.

Best Candidates for this Procedure

Dr. Mashhadian recommends buccal fat pad reduction to men and women that have excess fullness in the midface that could be corrected using this technique. The additional fullness is familiar in babies and young children but usually disappears by the time a person reaches adolescence. In some cases, often due to genetics, the fat never vanishes completely leaving an adult with a rounder, fuller facial contour. Buccal fat pad reduction can be a good option for these individuals, trimming down the round shape in favor of a more sophisticated, sculpted look.

There are other issues involving the midface that may be helped through alternative treatment options, including injectable procedures, cheek augmentation, and a facelift. Dr. Mashhadian will assess your unique concerns and aesthetic goals to help you select the treatment or surgery that will meet your needs best.

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How is buccal fat pad reduction performed?

Dr. Mashhadian performs most of his buccal fat pad reduction procedures under local anesthetic. A narrow incision is made inside the mouth so that there is no visible scarring after the procedure.

Through the incision, Dr. Mashhadian can readily locate the buccal fat and reduce the pad to create the desired slimming effect. The incision is sutured closed, and patients can return home a short time after their procedure.

Liposuction is not recommended for buccal fat pad reduction. In addition to challenges in suctioning out the fibrous tissue of the fat pad and the numerous vessels and nerves located in this area of the face that could be damaged, the result is often not as smooth as the patient would want.

Surgical excision of the pad, as described above, is a minimally invasive procedure that produces subtle, natural results with a distinct enhancement in the overall contour of the face.

What is the recovery like*

Recovery from buccal fat pad reduction is usually minimal. Patients often return to work and other obligations within a day or two after the procedure. It is common to have a degree of swelling in the midface after this surgery, which can last one week or even longer. You may look as though you had oral surgery during this time. However, discomfort is minimal, and the swelling will subside without intervention. The incision is only a few centimeters long, ensuring it will heal quickly as well.

How long do the results last?*

The results of buccal fat pad reduction are long-lasting, with most patients never needing another procedure to maintain their results. If you find over time that the aging process leads to some hollowing in the midface, fillers or other enhancements can be used to counter the effects and restore youthful fullness to the cheeks.

Buccal fat pad reduction is a specialized procedure that should only be performed by a seasoned cosmetic surgeon. Both skill and experience are required to know just how much to reduce the fat pad to achieve the desired result without causing excessive hollowing of the midface later. Dr. Mashhadian has an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and will carefully customize your procedure to produce the best possible results for you.


*Individual Results May Vary

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