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Here are some helpful FAQ for those considering eyelid surgery.

What is the upper eyelid surgery procedure?

Getting an eyelid surgery Los Angeles done for the upper eyelids should always involve a hairline incision being put in the regular crease of the eyelid.  This is the same one that you have had since you were born, so it will probably be invisible to the eye.  If your skin has drooped on the outer regions of the eye along the smile lines, then this can be a part of the excision.  This excision of the lateral excess hooding should be adjusted by most surgeons to bring the corner of your eyelid up, which will open your eye. This should be done as opposed to bringing the eyelid down.  This will result in a fine line that will look like crow’s feet.  Once the droopy skin is removed, the remaining fat is shaped, trimmed and moved.  The incision is closed up with very few sutures.  Leaving too many sutures may result in unwanted pimples or milia. Your surgeon should utilize extremely fine sutures.  He should not use sutures that absorb because they could result in a bad skin reaction.

Los Angeles Eyelid Surgery

What is a lower eyelid surgery?

A lower eyelid surgery in Los Angeles deals with the puffiness that is the result of fat that is underneath the eyes.  So, lower eyelid surgery Los Angeles is frequently performed by putting the incision on the inside of the lid where it can be seen.  Once it has been removed, sculpted and re-draped with the excess fat, it can be closed up with just a pinch from a tiny line beneath the eyelash.

What type of anesthesia is used and how long will my Los Angeles eyelid surgery take?

You will be put under either local or general anesthesia.  If you need just an upper lid surgery, then only local anethesia will be needed and your surgery will last forty five minutes.  If you have both done, then either types of anethesia can be utilized.  The time needed to perform both surgeries will take about one and a half to two hours.  You will not be required to stay overnight after this surgery and your surgeon will most likely take out your stitches around day five.  Sometimes certain stitches will stay in longer, if there is a lot of tension in that particular area.

How long will it take you to recover?

For most people, it does not take the eyelids a long time to heal and your sutures can be taken out after four or five days.  You may have a few bruises if you have a lighter skin color.  It normally takes around seven days to get your regular appearance back, but this will rely on the type of surgery that you choose and your ability to heal.  However, you will not experience much discomfort once the procedure is done.  Due to the fact that you might swell a bit, you might not be able to close your eyes entirely for a couple of weeks.  However, your doctor will give you an ointment that will help to retain your eye moisture at night.  Your doctor should be very conservative when it comes to skin excision.  This ensures that your eye is able to close once the swelling goes down.  Most people are not able to tell that their eye does not close within the first weeks after the surgery.

Can I get this surgery along with other procedures?

You can get an eyelid surgery separately or in conjunction with other procedures like a skin, brow, neck or face lift.

What are things eyelid surgery cannot do?

Understand that this surgery in limited.  It cannot remove all wrinkles around the eyes without the aid of a filleror laser technology.  You might want to consider getting a chemical peel if you are not suitable for a laser procedure. Botox might be needed to continue reducing your crow’s feet once the eyelid surgery is done.

Why should filler be used in the lower eyelids?

Juvederm, Restylane and other fillers might be used with eyelid surgery.  However, this is not a substitution for it because these types of fillers are great for the crease between the eyelid and cheek, but they cannot fix puffy sections of your face or reduce wrinkling.  They would just cover up areas temporarily.  Usually, this crease is not visible when the fat is subjected to a good trimming, sculpting and re-draping.  This usually results in your not needing the fillers.  Your doctor should not suggest using fat injections in the eye area.  This is because they can leave bumps that can make your puffiness even more pronounced. Fillers can cause you to have bumps that can stay with you for up to two or more weeks.

What are a few eyelid surgery complications?

If you have a history of thyroid disease, dry eye or any other eye problem, this should be addressed beforehand.  Unfortunately, these types of things could prevent you from being able to get eyelid surgery.  Your doctor must think that you are suitable for the surgery.  You might have to get an eye check up first.

What is the benefit of an eyelid surgery and how long will it take?

Usually, this surgery will remove sagging skin and remove fat from the eyelid.  This will make you look much younger.  Also, your eyes will appear much brighter.  Both of these results can last for up to fifteen years.  For anyone who looks at you in the future, she will be able to look into your eyes and see you as a much younger person.  When it comes to an aging face or neck, the procedures that last the longest time are the ones that have to do with the eyes and the chin.  This will depend on how old you are and how you look.  Eyelid surgery can make you look anywhere from five to fifteen years younger.

How do I select the best Los Angeles eyelid surgeon?

The best way to choose your eyelid surgeon is to search for one who is a specialist in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. A quality surgeon will make your eyelids look better and improve your overall appearance.

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