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Fat Transfer & Fat Grafting in Beverly Hills

People today are very concerned with fat. And it’s completely natural and right for them to be. Excess weight can be extremely unhealthy, affect your look and also limit your opportunities. Beyond these factors, extra pounds can also significantly affect your mood, confidence, and wellbeing. However, having too little fat — especially in critical areas, such as your face — can be just as detrimental to your look and outlook.

One of the major contributing factors to a youthful look, especially in the face, is a healthy amount of fat. Fat adds volume, smoothing skin and reducing hollows and sunken areas. Children and the very young are prime examples of how the right amounts of facial fat can benefit our look rather than detract from it. Having a great balance of fat throughout our bodies is crucial — having more where it can add youthfulness and less where it can enhance our fit and healthy look. The key is the right volume in the right place.

A fat transfer can help you achieve this balance — ensuring the fat you have rejuvenates you but also doesn’t compromise your tone or body contours. While a fat transfer can make a significant impact on the delicate skin of the face, the procedure can improve many other areas of the body, too. This procedure doesn’t replace a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible diet and regular workouts. But it can enhance your efforts by carefully redistributing your remaining fat, so you get the most from the effort you’re putting into your body.

Facial fat transfer takes fat from a donor area of your body, where you have excess fat, and uses it to fill facial hollows and restore the fullness that is the hallmark of youth in other body areas. Since the treatment uses your own body fat instead of artificial fillers, it is an exceptionally safe and natural treatment that can produce extremely natural and attractive results. You can enhance the outcome of your procedure by having your treatment performed by internationally-renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian.

What benefits can a fat transfer offer?

Patients who want an effective, safe and natural way to improve multiple body areas simultaneously, with natural-looking results, should consider a fat transfer procedure. Fat transfers offer all the benefits of artificial filler treatments and more since they use your own body fat for the most natural look possible. Fat transfers offer you these benefits:

  • You won’t have to return for follow-up treatments
  • You won’t have any artificial or synthetic fillers used in your treatment
  • You will have minimal downtime
  • You can avoid general anesthesia, in some cases
  • You will have life-long results

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Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his plastic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our plastic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

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Am I a candidate for a fat transfer procedure?

If you desire all-natural volume in your face and your safety is a primary concern, a fat transfer procedure may be ideal for you. Dr. David Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art can confirm your candidacy quickly during an in-person consultation in his Beverly Hills offices.

To qualify for this procedure, you must have several syringes worth of fat that can be harvested and used to complete your procedure. It is also important that the donor area is one which will be improved by a reduction in fat, not compromised by it.

You are likely a wonderful candidate if you are in relatively good shape and are primarily focused on contouring specific body areas. For example, you might strongly consider a fat transfer if you wish to take a small amount of fat from your stomach area and have it injected elsewhere, for added volume and rejuvenation.

While you will most likely qualify to have a fat transfer treatment, if you do not, Dr. Mashhadian will recommend several alternatives you can have to achieve your desired look. Your choices will all be safe and effective and be performed by Dr. Mashhadian, but they may not have the unique advantages that a fat transfer treatment does.

How will my fat grafting and fat transfer procedure be performed?

Each fat transfer procedure, while highly individualized, follows the same basic procedure pattern, which is outlined below.

How Fat Is Harvested for Your Treatment

Dr. Mashhadian will harvest fat from your donor area using liposuction. Your donor area may include your stomach, thighs, back or hip areas. Once Dr. Mashhadian has harvested the appropriate amount of fat, the fat is spun at high speeds in a centrifuge, which cleans, enhances and prepares it for use in your treatment.

How Harvested Fat Is Reintroduced Into the Body

After being centrifuged, your fat is now ready to enhance your problem areas. Dr. Mashhadian will use a blunt-tip needle, called a cannula, to place your fat safely, carefully and attractively in the areas you’ve selected for augmentation. The blunt tip of the cannula will reduce the possibility of harming tissues in the treatment area, significantly reduce swelling and bruising, and will also help speed your recovery.

The reinjection of fat is a delicate process that requires considerable training and skill as well as a refined artistic sensibility. Your results must harmonize gracefully with the shape and contours of your broader treatment area. When injecting into areas of the face, for example, Dr. Mashhadian uses the fat as an artist would use a finer paintbrush, softening every line and wrinkle as well as adding volume to the under-eye area and even lips, with extreme delicacy for superlative results.

Also, your doctor must restore a very precise amount of fat into the area to produce your desired look. This is because some fat will not survive in the new area. So, to achieve your desired look, enough extra fat — but not too much fat — must be reinjected to compensate for this natural and inevitable fat loss. Too much fat might mean too much fullness, but too little fat will not give you enough rejuvenation.

Skill, experience, and judgment are required to achieve the best possible results. This is another reason patients trust Dr. David Mashhadian for all their treatments. The doctor’s exceptional qualifications, understanding of the human body and the results of the procedure, and his keen, artistic eye make him one of the leading providers of this treatment nationwide.

Another benefit of fat transfer at Rodeo Surgical Art — AdiCyte!

Did you know that your stem cells can provide years of long-term health benefits and full-body rejuvenation? But you can only reap these benefits if you have your stem cells harvested now. Today, you can make the advantages of this revolutionary treatment a part of your ongoing health and rejuvenation plan by isolating these cells during your fat transfer procedure at Rodeo Surgical Art.

Once harvested, Dr. Mashhadian can reintroduce these stem cells into your body later on, so that you can harness their power and reparative capabilities when they will benefit you most. Stem cells, like the injection of fat, are an autologous treatment (a treatment that relies on cells taken from your own body) for a completely safe and natural approach to health and cosmetic care.

During your fat transfer procedure, Dr. Mashhadian can save enough fat for banking your stem cells for later use. Thanks to the innovations of AdiCyte, this amazing and exciting medical advancement has become a reality, and we encourage all of our surgical patients to take advantage of it. The huge advantages and extremely low risk make this treatment one that every patient should consider.

How long will recovery take after my fat transfer procedure?*

Bruising and swelling are natural and inevitable side effects of a fat transfer procedure, but they are also only temporary. You can expect these symptoms to last about two weeks before they dissipate and you can finally begin to enjoy your new look. But in fact, most patients experience a rapid decrease in these issues during the first few hours after their treatment.

Depending on the location of your treatment, you may even feel comfortable returning to work or social situations just a few days after treatment. How long you spend at home depends primarily on your comfort level and how well your body responds to the treatment. Some people will require more time at home, but this is no cause for alarm. Your body is healing at its own healthy and natural rate!

Areas, where fat has been harvested, will continue to require some special aftercare, however. Your doctor will wrap your donor areas in compression bandages to aid healing, and you should wear these as directed by your doctor. They will also help increase your comfort, an added bonus.

What are the risks involved with a fat transfer procedure?

All cosmetic procedures have some potential risks, including fat transfer treatments. However, the likelihood of complications from this procedure is extremely small — especially if you have your treatment performed by a qualified medical professional, like Dr. David Mashhadian. While these risks should not deter you from having your procedure, you should be fully aware of what they are so you can make an informed decision about proceeding with treatment. Potential risks of a fat transfer include blood clots or excessive bleeding; the possibility of infection; allergic reactions to anesthesia; scarring; and fat embolisms. Dr. Mashhadian can provide you more information on any of these possible concerns during your consultation.

What can I expect during recovery from my fat transfer treatment?*

While recovering from a fat transfer is neither complicated nor difficult, you will still want to take special care to protect your body, especially your donor areas, during the early days of recovery. You will want to ensure that enough fat survives in the treatment areas and that your donor areas heal properly. To achieve these goals, you should rest and avoid any unnecessary movements, especially bending and twisting motions, during your first week at home, which might affect either your recipient or donor areas. Don’t worry. Simply relax and use common sense and your best judgment and your recovery will be both safe and speedy.

What results can a fat transfer produce?*

A healthy, natural and refreshed appearance is the common result of a fat transfer procedure. You can enjoy renewed, youthful fullness with smoothed lines and wrinkles and minimized aging symptoms, such as sagging skin and facial hollows. One of the greatest benefits of a fat transfer treatment is that it offers life-long results, unlike other forms of treatment, and is an exceptionally safe treatment to have.

It is also important to understand that you will not have your final look immediately. Dr. Mashhadian will need to introduce a precise amount of extra fat to your treatment area to achieve your results since some fat will naturally not survive in your recipient area. Consequently, your treatment areas will appear plumper initially but will gradually decrease to the desired amount of improvement. Dr. Mashhadian will take a conservative approach, however, to avoid producing too much fullness.

Have your fat transfer treatment performed by renowned expert Dr. David Mashhadian in Beverly Hills today! You will love your results!

If you are interested in having a fat transfer procedure and you live in the greater Southland area, you are fortunate to have Dr. David Mashhadian available to you to perform your procedure. Dr. David Mashhadian, MD, FACS is one of few surgeons serving the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Los Angeles areas with the ability and artistic expertise to give you the exceptional results you expect from a fat transfer.

Part of what sets Dr. Mashhadian apart from other cosmetic physicians is the time and attention he gives his patients during their consultation, which informs their subsequent treatment plan and results. Everyone’s body and desired results are different; so is their measure of a successful procedure. By ensuring that each treatment is tailored and individualized to your unique needs, you will enjoy much greater post-procedure satisfaction, when compared to other doctors.

Begin your journey towards a beautiful new look with a fat transfer procedure today, performed by Dr. Mashhadian. The surgeon has the surgical expertise, exquisite taste and patient focus that ensure consistent, safe and satisfying results. Dr. Mashhadian’s offices are located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, to serve clients across Southern California — including Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Los Angeles residents — with the utmost convenience.


*Individual Results May Vary

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