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Breast Lift

Case 930_1
After having 3 children and breastfeeding them all, she no longer felt like herself. Suffering from loss of breast tissue from her multiple pregnancies she wanted to be returned to her pre-pregnancy shape. By giving her a Donut Lift, Dr. Mashhadian centered her areolas and gave her Midrange Silicone Implants to fit her body structure.
Case 931_1
A few years after getting her first set of implants, she developed capsular contrature, a hardening of the implant due to scar tissue formation. Her breasts were hard to the touch and were riding high on her chest. Dr. Mashhadian removed the capsule of scar tissue around her implants, replaced her current implants with High Profile, Size 500cc, Silicone Implants and slightly reduced her areola size to better fit her breast using Donut Lift – Benelli Mastopexy.
Case 932_1
With misshapen uneven breast and areola size this mother of 2 never felt comfortable when she looked in the mirror. By getting a donut lift Dr. Mashhadian was able to correct her areola size and using two sized implants evened out her overall breast size and shape.
Case 933_1
After this young mother breast-feed 3 children she felt her breast were droopy with no fullness on the top and that her areola’s had been stretched. Wanting a more youthful appearance Dr. Mashhadian preformed a Lollipop Lift – Vertical Mastopexy placing Saline Implants under the muscle filling one to 330cc and the other to 360cc to correct the slight difference in breast size.
Case 934_1
After breast-feeding her 3 beautiful children she was left with droopy breast with downward facing nipples. Unhappy with her appearance and wanting perkier breast with smaller areolas, Dr. Mashhadian gave her an Inverted T Lift and reduction to return her to her pre-pregnancy look.
Case 935_1
Natrelle Allergan Silicone Gel Breast Implants, Profile Moderate-Plus (Style 15), Size 492cc. The implants were inserted through Periareolar approach, place in the Under Muscle (submuscular plane). Minimal scarring technique used for Breast Lift, incision only around the areola, Donut Mastopexy.
Case 936_1
Unhappy with the fake round look and, uneven oversized areols, this mother of one’s, breasts felt hard and painful. Dr. Mashhadian was able to correct her areola size utilizing Donut Lift. The scar tissues (capsular contracture) were removed; the original implants were also removed and replaced with style 20, size 450cc.
Case 937_1
Patient underwent a bilateral inverted T lift with breast augmentation of Allergan Silicone Style 15, size 400cc implants, under the muscle.
Case 938_1
Patient underwent a bilateral inverted T lift with breast augmentation of Allergan Silicone SRF, size 415cc implants, under the muscle.
Case 939_1
Patient underwent bilateral breast augmentation with Allergan Style 20, size 375cc Silicone implants, under the muscle with Donut Lift.