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Breast Revision

Case 830_1
Case 830
After having her implants for a few years her right implant ruptured and formed excess scar tissue. Dr. Mashhadian removed the scar capsule and implant and replaced it with a new 457cc silicone implant to restore her look.
Case 829_1
Case 829
Patient came in with complaints that her right breast had dropped below the infra-mammary fold (over settled). Dr. Mashhadian preformed capsularraphy on her right breast while recreating the infra-mammary fold to return her breast to a symmetrical appearance.
Case 828_1
Case 828
Patient came in with severe total capsular contracture on both breasts. Dr. Mashhadian preformed a total capsulectomy by removing the scar tissue caused by the capsule and replacing the implants giving her a look she loved!
Case 827_1
Case 827
Patient came in with deflation on one side and lateral displacement on the other side, both implants were incapsulated. Dr. Mashhadian preformed a bilateral capsularrhaphy with implant replacement to correct the distortion while re-creating the pocket to bring the displaced implant back to where it needed to be.
Case 826_1
Case 826
Patient had a severe breast implant capsular-contracture, Dr. Mashhadian repaired the deformity by performing a total capsulectomy and removing the hardened scar tissue.
Case 833_1
Case 833
Patient came in with total deflation on one side and a bi-lateral capsular contracture formation with rippling. Dr. Mashhadian replaced her implants and performed a bi-lateral capsulectomy to restore her breast.
Case 2158_1
Case 2158
Anesthesia: General Preoperative Diagnosis: 1. Bilateral saline breast implants deflation 2. Breast ptosis 3. Breast asymmetry 4. Lipomatosis of Pre Axilla, Bra Roll Procedure: 1. Peri Areolar, Retro pectoral breast prosthesis removal 2. Inverted T mastopexy with adjustment of areolae 3. Body-tite and Liposuction of Pre Axilla, Bra Roll
Case 2410_1
Case 2410
Preoperative Diagnosis: 1. Left breast implant deflation 2 2. . Breast ptosis 3. Breast asymmetry Procedure: Procedure: 1. Bilateral Re-augmentation mammoplasty with Silicone Implants, Moderate Profile Gummy 450cc 2. Right and Left Breast capsulatomy and pocket adjustment 3. Donut mastopexy with adjustment of areolae
Case 2166_1
Case 2166
Anesthesia: General Preoperative Diagnosis: Breast Symmastia Breast Asymmetry Bilateral Breast Implant Rippling Hypertrophic Peri-Areolar Scar Procedure: Bilateral Removal and Replacement of Mammary Prosthesis Bilateral Pocket Adjustment, and Pocket Closure, Bilateral Partial Capsulectomy Insertion of Galatea Mesh and Reconstruction of Pockets Peri-Areolar Scar Revision, Utilizing a Keller Funnel an Allergan SCF, round, smooth, silicone implants, size 450cc, was then inserted into the breast pocket.
Case 2163_1
Case 2163
Anesthesia: General Preoperative Diagnosis: 1. Bilateral breast implant rippling 2. The desire for larger breasts Procedure: 1. Bilateral Re-Augmentation mammaplasty with Cohesive Silicone Implants Inamed, Style SCX, round, smooth, silicone implants size 750cc were then inserted into the pockets, utilized a no touch technique with aid of Keller Funnel.