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Male Breast Reduction

Case 914_1
Case 914
After working out to try to lose the excess fat in his chest his breast tissue just wouldn’t seem to subside, a condition which is called Gynecomastia. Dr. Mashhadian performed Male Breast Reduction. This procedure removes the breast gland tissue as well as utilizing liposuction to give him the look he strived to achieve.
Case 915_1
Case 915
After working out and try to lose weight still unable improved his chest/breast size. He also complains about the asymmetry and sagginess of the left breast. This condition is called Gynecomastia, and Breast Ptosis. Dr. Mashhadian performed Male Breast Reduction, with Minimal Scaring left Breast Lift. These combined procedures removed the breast gland tissue as well as improved the breast symmetry and give him the look he desired.
Case 916_1
Case 916
Loving water sports, he was always self-conscious of people staring at his enlarged breast. Dr. Mashhadian performed Male Breast Reduction to treat Gynecomastia, removing the gland tissue as well as utilizing liposuction to give him the flat chest he wanted.
Case 917_1
Case 917
Right breast lipoma excision.
Case 918_1
Case 918
Male Breast Reduction
Case 2201_1
Case 2201
Age: 17/16 yr old male, breast enlarged since 5 years ago. He is very embarrassed and unable to participate in PE class, and difficult to interact with other students. Last seen MD 8-9 months ago work up Gynecomastia, result negative for any hormone-related issues. Breast Asymmetry, moderate. Loss of Breast Skin Elasticity, severe. Breast skin Stretch Marks, severe. Regnault ptosis scale: Grade IV: Severe ptosis—nipple far below the IMF points toward the floor. Procedure: Male breast reduction surgery with liposuction Anesthesia: General, Preoperative Diagnosis: 1. Gynecomastia/Mammary hyperplasia 2. Male Tuberous breast deformity 3. Bilateral breast ptosis 4. Breast asymmetry Procedure: 1. Liposuction of axillary/(anterior bra roll) area 2. Horizontal technique male breast reduction/Inferior pedicle