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Case 786_1
Case 786
This patient was unhappy with the bridge of her nose and the broad hump as well as her downward pointing tip. Dr. Mashhadian performed an open Rhinoplasty to correct her appearance.
Case 787_1
Case 787
This patient was unhappy with the shape of his nose, with a downward pointing tip and shape irregularities. Dr. Mashhadian performed open rhinoplasty correcting the shape irregularities and he created a more desirable shape of the tip of the nose.
Case 788_1
Case 788
She had previously had closed Rhinoplasty but was still unhappy with bridge of her nose which appeared square and felt the tip of nose had one side that appeared higher than the other. Dr. Mashhadian brought symmetry to her face by performing an Open Revision Rhino.
Case 789_1
Case 789
Unhappy with nose for most of her life but always nervous about having surgery, as she aged her eyes became tired looking and her brow began to sag, so she decided it was time to do something! Dr. M finally made her feel comfortable enough to go thru with the surgery and preformed was an Open Rhinoplasty, Endoscopic Brow Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty.
Case 2180_1
Case 2180
Anesthesia: GA Preoperative Diagnosis: Nasal deformity Procedure: Open rhinoplasty
Case 783_1
Case 783
Unhappy with her nose and feeling she had a protruding dorsal hump she felt her tip was pointed downward with very little definition. Dr. Mashhadian performed was an open Rhinoplasty to correct her appearance.
Case 784_1
Case 784
She was unhappy with hump of her nose, felt the tip was too round and bulbous and that she had no nasal tip definition. Dr. Mashhadian performed an open Rhinoplasty to correct her appearance.
Case 785_1
Case 785
Unhappy with her dorsal hump and the nose tip which is rotated down with no definition as well as her small chin causing an unbalanced facial appearance, she desired facial harmony. By combining an open Rhinoplasty & Silicone Chin Implant Dr. Mashhadian helped her to achieve the look she wanted.