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How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

One of the most common areas women are self-conscious of is the breasts. They’re a central component of a woman’s proportions, which is why when the breasts are too small, asymmetrical, or otherwise lacking, they can take a heavy toll on a woman’s mental health. For the Rodeo Surgical Art team, that’s the last thing we want, which is why we’ve helped thousands of women achieve natural, pleasing breasts with a breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

A breast augmentation is far more complex than simply having implants inserted. The choices can have a great deal of influence on the final result. Saline or silicone is one choice, as the contents of the implant influence the results and how naturally the breasts look and feel. Next, patients decide the shape of the implant, either round or teardrop. The physical characteristics of your chest—desired projection of the breast from the chest wall, how tight your skin is, and more—may impact which shape is best for you. Next, placing your implants above or beneath your pectoralis muscle must be considered.

The choices available for a breast augmentation make it a highly customizable procedure for each patient’s unique physical features and aesthetic goals. Dr. David Mashhadian forms a partnership with each patient, elevating the standard of care to give every patient of Rodeo Surgical Art the best chance of achieving their cosmetic goals. He’s highly involved in every aspect of each patient’s procedures, providing the information you need to make the best decisions for your treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate?

While the decision to have a breast augmentation is a personal one, ideal candidates are those in good health with realistic expectations, and are generally done with family planning.  The best place to start making your decision is with a consultation at Rodeo Surgical Art. 

What is Recovery Like?

While a breast augmentation can be a pretty intensive procedure, particularly for those who opt for implant placement under the pectoralis muscle, its recovery is fairly straightforward. You’ll undergo the procedure in Rodeo Surgical Art’s state-of-the-art procedure room as an outpatient. A surgical bra will be used to support your new breasts, and you’ll likely awaken from your procedure with a feeling of heaviness on your chest. The weight of your implants may take some getting used to, but this happens fairly quickly. Dr. Mashhadian has also developed Recovery EXL™, a combination of surgical techniques and medication combinations designed to minimize patient discomfort and tissue trauma to the point where you may not even require prescription pain management. Patients typically need 1 week of recuperation, and many, thanks to Recovery EXL™, need even less.

What Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

There is an argument that the cost of a surgical procedure isn’t only monetary, and Dr. Mashhadian believes very strongly that patients seeking improvement for aesthetic reasons are making investments in themselves. It’s why he’s worked hard to price procedures at Rodeo Surgical Art as competitively as possible, and works with patients on financingThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons put the 2019 average cost of breast implants in the US at $3,947. Other factors, like geographical location, physician expertise, facility fees, and complexity of the procedure can influence the price, so the range of breast augmentation is between $5,000-$9,000.

Giving yourself the gift of confidence truly is an investment in yourself, and as such, the price of enhanced breasts may be well worth it.

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