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The summer months are the perfect motivation to undergo cosmetic surgery, as outdoor events tend to call for lighter clothing. So when you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, you may begin to compare yourself to others and even skip out on social situations entirely.

One of the most common areas that our patients wish to see addressed is the abdomen. Whether through aging, weight fluctuation or childbearing, the stomach muscles begin to weaken—leaving saggy skin in its place.

When this happens, you may consider a tummy tuck to help tighten the lost structure and improve the overall contours of your body. This procedure offers many advantages to appearance, but there is usually one defining factor that seems to have patients on the fence: cost.

Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills


So how much does it really cost? The short answer is that it depends.

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is ideal for those with excess abdominal fat or stretched out muscles. But just as your individual concerns are unique to you, so too are the costs associated with them. When in the care of Dr. Mashhadian, no two tummy tuck procedures are performed the same way. Some patients may need only minor adjustments, while others may require a more dramatic transformation.

Other factors that will affect the overall price of the procedure include:

  • Choice of IV sedation or anesthesia
  • Shape and length of incision
  • Garments for post-operative care
  • Prescription medications

When you come in for your first visit, it’s important to have a discussion with your surgeon to determine which expenses are part of your quote. Dr. Mashhadian and the entire team will gladly take the time necessary to thoroughly explain the procedure, aftercare and all the costs associated with your tummy tuck.


Since abdominoplasty is generally not a procedure that is covered by insurance companies, most plastic surgeons will offer payment options. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we understand that surgical costs can be spendy and we don’t want that to alter your decision.

We believe that feeling confident with your body is an important part of overall happiness, so we offer a variety of ways to help get you that much-desired tummy tuck. Not only do we accept most major credit cards, but we also accept CareCredit—which is a credit card with no interest rate, if paid off in a certain amount of time. You can go apply for the card yourself by going to the CareCredit website, or come into the office and we can help you get set up.

To ensure that your tummy tuck is made affordable to you, we also offer patient financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Through low monthly payments, you can finally achieve the flatter, more toned tummy that you have been waiting for.

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