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Hair restoration has evolved considerably in recent years, with solutions that now provide more natural results. Two of the most popular hair restoration options are a hair transplant or a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that utilizes special technology to regrow hair. The iGrow is a device that can be used for hair restoration at home, without surgery, and it is available at Rodeo Surgical Art. Check out these reasons why the iGrow might be the right restoration for you. 

Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Non-Invasive Procedure

Unlike hair transplants, the iGrow device is completely non-invasive and involves no incisions, anesthesia or postoperative scarring. This device is simply worn on the head for a prescribed amount of time daily. The iGrow delivers low level light therapy (LLLT) to the hair follicle, stimulating the follicle to begin growing hair once again. 

Easy to Use at Home

The iGrow is a device that can be purchased and used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The helmet is adjustable to be worn comfortably by patients of all sizes and the device even comes equipped with headphones so you can listen to music during your treatment session. Patients are spared the embarrassment and inconvenience of coming in to the doctor’s office for surgical treatment and follow-up visits typically required after a hair transplant procedure. 

Targets Scalp Areas Needing Treatment 

Unlike other devices that use lasers to stimulate hair growth, the iGrow is designed to fully cover the scalp and address the specific areas where hair loss commonly occurs. The procedure can treat the entire scalp in a single treatment session, unlike hair transplant procedures that work on small areas of the scalp at a time. Custom settings can also be accessed through an easy-to-use touchscreen on the device. 

Cost-Effective Treatment 

A single purchase of the iGrow device provides you with everything you need to treat hair loss throughout your lifetime. The cost of the device can be less than surgical procedures that involve fees for anesthesia and facility rental. In addition, no further expenses or treatments are needed to provide you with your desired results or even offer touch-ups as needed. 

Stimulates Your Own Hair Growth 

Hair transplants move hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another to fill in areas where hair no longer grows. The iGrow leaves all of your hair follicles in place, while stimulating follicles that are no longer functioning to grow hair once again. The results are completely natural, as your follicles begin to work as they had in the past to produce hair in all areas of your scalp.

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