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Collagen and elastin — these are the building blocks of beautiful, healthy and youthful-looking skin. When you’re young, your body produces them in abundance. Yet inevitably, you will have less and less of these vital substances in your skin as you age. The consequences can be devastating. Your skin — as a direct result of this loss — will begin to sag, show fine lines and wrinkles, and begin to look dull and lifeless. What can you do?

Fortunately, you have more than one option to choose from to restore the beautiful skin that you deserve. One of the safest, longest-lasting and most effective options — one that you can have at Rodeo Surgical Art performed by world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Mashhadian — is Voluma®. Voluma is a dermal filler — but no ordinary dermal filler. Voluma has the power to restore vital collagen and elastin to the skin for results that continue to develop months after your treatment.

Best of all — the treatment is completely safe. And you can have beautifully tailored results that not only reduce aging symptoms but also highlight your best features — but only when you have your treatment performed by an expert in the procedure, like Dr. David Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art. You can learn more about the advantages of the treatment below and why you should have your Voluma treatment done at Rodeo Surgical Art — and nowhere else.

What is Voluma®?

Voluma by Juvéderm is a hyaluronic-acid based dermal filler that can instantaneously restore lost volume when skillfully placed where you are experiencing lines, folds or facial hollows. It is the first and only dermal filler approved by the FDA to improve volume loss in the mid-face caused by collagen loss, the unavoidable result of aging. Voluma is a natural, effective and exceptionally convenient treatment that most patients will qualify to have.

The hyaluronic acid in Voluma is the same acid that your body naturally produces and it provides a wealth of skin benefits. First of all, adding hyaluronic acid to your skin can replenish this compound which is naturally lost due to aging. The acid strongly binds to water, adding a healthy volume and glow to your skin. It also promotes the development of blood vessels, further boosting your skin’s health. When injected into the skin, Voluma delivers immediate results that last.

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How is Voluma different from Juvederm XC?

Juvéderm is a world leader in the development of injectable treatments and produces a wide range of products to improve every component of the face. Voluma and Voluma XC are two products in the Juvêderm line which provide proven results for different facial concerns. Voluma was created and is intended to improve volume loss in the mid-face or cheek areas, while Voluma XC is specially formulated to restore volume loss around the nose and mouth.

You can have both Juvéderm products together if you need them, for maximum rejuvenation, or either product individually to alleviate specific concerns. Dr. Mashhadian will assess your entire facial area to determine how best to relieve your facial aging symptoms and he will recommend the appropriate course of treatment during your consultation. However, do not hesitate to ask about any Juvéderm products you are interested in having!


*Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his cosmetic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our cosmetic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

See the results for yourself – click below to view before & after images from surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mashhadian himself.

What benefits does Voluma offer?

Voluma offers you numerous benefits in a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment that you can have quickly in Dr. Mashhadian’s Beverly Hills offices. With Voluma, you can expect:

  • Beautifully restored volume to the mid-face area
  • Treatment sessions of 30 to 45 minutes, or less
  • Exceptionally natural-looking results
  • Little or no downtime
  • Improvements which are visible immediately
  • Long-lasting results of up to two years or more
  • A procedure of exceptional safety for all skin types
  • Comfortable procedure with minimal to no pain; Voluma® contains lidocaine, for effective, ongoing pain relief
  • Touch-ups on average every two years, for maximum convenience

What facial areas does Voluma treat?

Juvederm Voluma is specially formulated to give added volume to three areas of your cheek:

  • Apex
  • Apple
  • Hollow

Increasing the volume of these areas will return the natural, youthful lift to your cheek area, making you look younger, more vibrant and supremely confident — all in a single fast, safe and convenient procedure!

Does Voluma have any side effects?

Yes, like all cosmetic treatments, Voluma has a few side effects, most of which are temporary and harmless. For example, after Voluma, many patients will experience some mild swelling and tenderness as well as some bruising, redness and sensitivity at the injection sites. These symptoms are usually mild and fade quickly. In a few days — or even hours — you are left to enjoy your much-improved skin and beautiful results. If you have any concerns about your skin condition after having Voluma, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Mashhadian right away for advice. The doctor supports his patients through every stage of their procedure, including their recovery.

What symptoms does Voluma® improve?

Voluma can capably address both mild and moderate aging symptoms in the mid-face (cheek) region and even as far as the upper area around the mouth. Voluma can also easily be combined with other treatments in a comprehensive rejuvenation plan to revitalize the entire face. With Juvéderm products, you can have dramatic improvements to the nose, cheek and chin areas for comprehensive rejuvenation that lasts for two years or more and can be easily extended, through touch-ups, for an even longer-lasting outcome.

Do I qualify for a Voluma treatment?

Men and women aged 21 or over typically qualify for a Voluma treatment. Additionally, potential candidates must be in good overall general health and have reasonable expectations about the benefits that Volume can provide. Like all cosmetic procedures, however, Voluma has a few contraindications. If for any reason you do not qualify for Voluma based on these criteria, Dr. Mashhadian will inform you of safe and effective alternatives that you can consider. Contraindications for Voluma include:

  • Severe allergies
  • Allergies to Gram-positive bacterial proteins or lidocaine
  • Anaphylaxis

Inform Dr. Mashhadian immediately if you have or suspect you may have any of these medical concerns so that you can talk about appropriate alternatives to Voluma that can help you improve your unique cosmetic concerns.

How do I know which injectables are right for me?

Dr. Mashhadian can help you decide which non-surgical or surgical procedures are your best options to achieve your desired results. Every patient is unique, and it is Dr. Mashhadian’s primary focus to help you meet your aesthetic goals with the safest and most appropriate solutions.

If you are interested in how Juvederm Voluma XC or any of our other injectables can enhance your appearance — without the need for plastic surgery — visit Dr. Mashhadian at his Beverly Hills office today. Whether you have Voluma or another treatment, you can realize the look of your dreams with the expert guidance and care of Dr. David Mashhadian.

How will Dr. Mashhadian perform my Voluma treatment?

Dr. Mashhadian administers Voluma as an outpatient procedure at his Beverly Hills offices. You will not have to prepare in any way for your treatment nor will you have any special aftercare instructions to follow afterward. This is one of the hallmarks and chief benefits of having Voluma.

To begin, Dr. Mashhadian will thoroughly cleanse the treatment area and immediately begin introducing the precise, pre-determined amounts of Voluma to the areas where it is needed to restore volume. You can expect your treatment to take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes, after which you can go back to living again, worry-free.

So there is no recovery time with Voluma?

No, you can go back to all your normal activities within 24 hours of your injections without risk of harming your final results. You may experience some minor and temporary side effects, such as tenderness or swelling in the area, and these symptoms may last for a few weeks, but they are extremely minor, will not interfere with your daily life, and most likely will go unnoticed by those you frequently interact with.

When will I see my Voluma results?*

Your Voluma results occur immediately but may be temporarily masked by mild bruising and swelling, which is the natural result of the treatment. This should not be a major cause of concern. You should begin to see the final results of treatment in a few days of leaving your doctor’s office — or even sooner! Your new youthful and vibrant look will also last, giving you ample time to enjoy your well-deserved rejuvenation.

Exactly how long will my Voluma results last?*

Every patient is different and your results will not exactly mimic those of any other patient. On average, however, you can expect Voluma’s results to last for two years or more before requiring any additional form of treatment. Touch-ups to preserve your look are as simple and fast as your original treatment and will also last as long. With regular follow-ups, you may be able to avoid other types of treatments, including more invasive procedures, for many years to come.

Experience The Rodeo Surgical Art Difference

While you can have Voluma at many practices in and around Beverly Hills, this is why you should have your Voluma treatment at Rodeo Surgical Art, performed by Dr. David Mashhadian. We call it “The Rodeo Difference.” The Rodeo Difference is embodied by Dr. David Mashhadian who, like few doctors, has the skill and aesthetic eye to deliver exquisite results safely and reliably to a broad array of unique and individual patients.

Your results will not only correct your concerns but also enhance your natural look for exceptionally beautiful results. After treatment by Dr. David Mashhadian, you will have a look that ensures you look like the best version of yourself. You will never look overdone; you will simply look fabulous. You have no reason not to schedule your appoint with Dr. David Mashhadian in his Beverly Hills offices today. Ask his past patients and they will attest to his skill and exceptional results. Don’t wait — here’s how you can reach the doctor now.


*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary