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Botox in Los Angeles is a procedure where Botox medication,  that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, to relax the muscles in your face and temporarily reduce wrinkles is injected into certain places in your face.  When this natural substance is injected into your face muscles, it blocks a signal that would ordinarily make your face muscles get smaller.  Botox injections in Los Angeles stop wrinkles from forming on your face.

Los Angeles Botox

How Does Botox Work?

Botox for use as a cosmetic wonder was an accidental discovery.   A Vancouver ophthalmologist found out that when she used Botox to treat her patients for eye spasms, it actually reduced the wrinkles around their eyes too.  As it turns out, her husband was a dermatologist.  He started using Botox to relax the muscles located between the eyebrows of his patients.  He wanted to reduce the wrinkles that were in this area.  Botox and Dysport are actually brand names for botulinum toxin.  Botox Los Angeles is a very common treatment for reducing facial lines and wrinkles.  This chemical can block the release of a neurotransmitter that is known as acetylcholine, which sends a signal that will make your muscles contract.  When this signal is blocked, your muscles are temporarily relaxed.  They will remain in this state for about 3 or 4 months.

Where Is Botox Mostly Injected?

Most Botox patients get injections for the fine lines that are located between the eyebrows and also on the forehead.  Those who have a lot of experience injecting Botox in Los Angeles, have the ability to also make injections in other parts of your body such as your neck and face.  You can use Los Angeles Botox to reduce the lines that show up around your mouth, stop the corners of your mouth from turning down, pull up eyebrows that droop and improve the way that the bands of your neck look.  It can also make your face seem more asymmetrical by treating the hyperactive muscles in your face.

Will Botox Treatments Make You Look Fake?

No, you will not look like a clown once you get the best Botox in Los Angeles.  These injections make you look very natural.  They can reduce your wrinkling and stop your even deeper wrinkles from increasing.

Are Botox Injections Painful?

No, you will not feel pain from getting your Los Angeles Botox injections.  The doctor will use a very small needle that will feel like a pinch.  In addition, you will not feel any type of pain after your injection either.  But, there are a few people that say they have headaches after their injections.

Will the Effects of My Botox Treatments Last Forever?

No, the results that you see will not last forever.  The chemical that stops your face muscles from contracting will only last for about 3 to 4 months.

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