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M Pout Lip Augmentation

M Pout Lip Augmentation

The lips can be one of a woman’s most personal, sensual and expressive features, a vehicle through which to convey her unique personality and express many complex emotions — and, of course, to bestow one of life’s greatest gifts, a kiss. For all these and many other reasons, women want their lips to be as perfect as they can be, a true reflection of their inner beauty, warmth and intimate self.

When women feel dissatisfied with their lips — even if these “imperfections” appear to be only minor in nature and detectable only to themselves — they can still cause significant self-consciousness and dissatisfaction. They will not quickly trust their lips to just any surgeon or procedure. They want and expect the very best and will accept no substitute.

Dr. Mashhadian understands and, as a response, he has developed The M-Pout Lip Augmentation, his proprietary technique which no other surgeon performs and which you only can have at Rodeo Surgical Art. The M-Pout, a non-surgical lip augmentation, enhances the volume of the lips, accentuates sensual portions of the lips and creates fine definition and borders — restoring the lips attractiveness and a woman’s satisfaction and confidence. Among the technique’s best features, patients will have no downtime and can enjoy their results immediately.

The Benefits of the M-Pout Lip Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Mashhadian’s years of experience in cosmetic medicine has taught him a great deal about what the ideal lip should be and how to achieve it — knowledge that has lead to the creation of his proprietary M-Pout Lip Augmentation, a truly unique and well-informed vision of non-surgical lip enhancement. The lip is three-dimensional, therefore Dr. Mashhadian must us his artistic understanding and perceptive eye to give you the most aesthetically pleasing and alluring result possible, enhancing all aspects of a woman’s lips with a sculptor’s eye and a steady hand.

Although women will enjoy much-improved volume from this treatment, its value lies in that it produces much more meaningful volume, enhancing the most sensuous aspects of the lips, like the lower cushion, and elevating the visual — and tactile — appeal of both upper and lower lips. Soft, full, luscious and kissable lips are the result. The M-Pout Lip Augmentation goes far beyond producing a more plump lip, however.

Women can also expect an artfully sculpted, well-defined and beautiful lipline from the treatment — creating the Cupid’s Bow and the natural and well-defined borders which make the lips prominent and alluring while also well integrating with and highlighting a women’s other attractive facial features. The M-Pout Lip Augmentation leaves women with enhanced, natural lips that will look so attractive on their own that many women won’t wish to conceal them with cosmetics.

Dr. Mashhadian will customize each M-Pout Lip Augmentation procedure to the needs of each patient, to create a natural yet dazzling result. The unique features of Dr. Mashhadian’s M-Pout technique include:

  • Enhancement of the cupid bow (the lip flip, creating curves)
  • Restoration and/or enhancement of the lip philtrum
  • Elevation of the corners of the lip
  • Creation of the lower lip central cliff
  • Creation of the lower lip cushion, the most sensual portion of the lip
  • Treatment of vertical smoker’s line around the mouth
  • Patients have a very comfortable procedure
  • A comfortable and speedy recovery enhanced with all-natural supplements

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Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his cosmetic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our cosmetic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

See the results for yourself – click below to view before & after images from surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mashhadian himself.

The M-Pout Lip Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Mashhadian wants all of his patients to have the most comfortable experience possible. One way in which he achieves this is through the use of a cannula, rather than needles when performing delicate procedures such as an M-Pout Lip Augmentation. Cannulas have distinct advantages over needles when used by a skilled surgeon with knowledge and experience in using them, such as Dr. Mashhadian.

A cannula — a thin, flexible tube with a small-opening and blunt tip — does much less harm to delicate tissues, such as the lip area, and leads to substantial benefits. Unlike a sharp-edged needle, a blunt tip cannula can safely deliver treatment without adverse effects to the surrounding blood vessels. This directly results in less bruising and swelling, with substantially minimized or no recovery time in patients treated with using the cannula technique.

Experience a “No-Recovery” Lip Augmentation

A significant factor to consider when selecting any cosmetic procedure is the amount of time you will need for your recovery. When you choose to get an M-Pout, no recovery is even needed, and no wait is necessary before you can immediately begin enjoying your attractive results. To ensure your comfort further, Dr. Mashhadian has also developed a unique approach to post-procedure care.

Reduced Bruising & Swelling with Arnika Forte

One of the major concerns Dr. Mashhadian hears from patients who are preparing to undergo  a non-surgical or surgical procedure is whether or not they will experience bruising or swelling, and if it will be significant. To minimize these concerns, Dr. Mashhadian provides an all-natural and effective homeopathic remedy, Arnika Forte, that you can only have at Rodeo Surgical Art.

Our Arnika Forte blend contains the homeopathic remedy Arnika-Montana, a widely used and FDA-approved supplement for the treatment of bruising and swelling. In addition to the Arnika-Montana, we add an all-natural substance called Bromelain, a pineapple extract, and grape seed extract, for powerful bioflavonoids which decrease capillary permeability and fragility and help reduce bruising, swelling and pain. When Arnika Forte is taken the day of the procedure, post-procedure swelling is almost completely avoided.

M-Pout Lip Augmentation Near You

When patients can choose a treatment which provides outstanding results in a quick, comfortable procedure with no downtime, why should they choose anything else? Yet the reason to have the M-Pout Lip Augmentation goes beyond mere technique.

Dr. Mashhadian wants each of his patients to look their very best, expressing the features and facets of their look that make them unique in the most attractive possible way. For Dr. Mashhadian, true art lies in the perfect external expression of each patient’s inner beauty.


*Individual Results May Vary

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