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Is there such thing as a nose job that does not require surgery?  What is it exactly?  There are non-surgical nose jobs in Los Angeles that are available for you. Basically, a Los Angeles non-surgical nose job or also know as a Los Angeles non-surgical rhinoplasty is an easy way to correct certain types of nasal problems such as the following:

* A bump that is on the nose

* Problems with the tip of the nose

Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

nose job in Los Angeles can be corrected without the need for surgery and will correct problems like these by utilizing brands such as Botox and Dysport.  For instance, filler injections such as Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane will make the skin plump up and hide imperfections.  But injections such as Botox or Dysport will raise the tip of the nose up a little bit.

Who is the best candidate for a non-surgical Los Angeles nose job?

The best candidate for this type of procedure is a patient who wants a temporary look to make their profile look better, cover up a bump or raise up the tip of their nose.  This particular procedure will never be able to take the place of a legitimate nose job.  It is just a temporary fix that will change your appearance for about 6 months.  So, this is perfect for the person who only wants to change their appearance for a short time.  It would be perfect if you need to look better for a class reunion, family wedding or any other type of special once in a lifetime type of event.

What makes non-surgical nose jobs in Los Angeles different from a real surgical one?

Basically, a real nose job is a surgical fix that will correct your nose structures.  A nose job that does not require surgery will be limited in its scope.  It cannot reduce the size of your nose, change how the nose is made, reduce the tip of your nose, make a wide nose narrower or correct a breathing problem.  Dr. Mashhadian and the award-winning team at Rodeo Surgical Art will work with you during the initial consultation to ensure that everything that you need will be done to your satisfaction.  Dr. Mashhadian will determine if you need a surgical or non-surgical nose job.  However, if you are considering a nose job, you might want to opt for the non-surgical option if this can make some correction first just to make sure that this is what you really want.

How long doe it typically take to recover from Los Angeles non-surgical nose jobs?

With a non surgical nose job, expect for it to last for around fifteen minutes.  This should include the topical aesthetic.  This can typically be performed during your regular lunch hour, which means that you can go back to work because you won’t need any time to recover.

How can you locate a doctor who performs non-surgical nose jobs?

A non-surgical nose job should be done by a surgeon who specializes in facial and cosmetic surgery.  Choose someone very experienced in and knowledgeable about both external and internal nose anatomy.  If your surgeon is not adept in these areas, there is a high probability that the filler will not be positioned correctly, which means that it can move around to other nose locations.  When you have this procedure done by a surgeon that is not experienced, then your bump could get larger or the filler can move into a part of the nose that can block your airflow.  An expert facial surgeon, like Dr. Mashhadian and Rodeo Surgical Art will make your procedure look very natural.

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