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Watch your cellulite vanish with QWO®, the effective, non-surgical treatment for cellulite removal.

What is QWO®?

QWO® is the first injectable cellulite treatment. It has FDA approval to treat moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks. QWO® addresses the primary cause of cellulite: fibrous collagen bands. These bands can cause attachments between the skin and underlying layers, creating dimples. They also squeeze fat cells between them, causing bulges. QWO® works to break down these bands to leave your buttocks smooth.

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How Does QWO® Work?

QWO® uses enzymes called collagenases to break apart the fibrous collagen bands that cause cellulite. These enzymes only target the specific types of collagen causing these bands. Your dimples will become smooth as the skin is released from its adhesions. Bulges of fat caught between bands can redistribute for a more even appearance.

What Results Will I See From QWO®?

Most people need three QWO® treatments spaced three weeks apart. Results develop over two to three months. You will notice gradual, but steady improvements in the appearance of your cellulite as the fibrous bands break down and the skin rises and becomes smooth.

Is There Any Downtime With QWO®?

You may have soreness in the injection area that fades within a day or two. Bruising often occurs, and it often looks worse than it is. It will fade over the next few weeks. You can return to your usual routine after treatment. Follow your provider’s recommendations about exercise and other physical activities.

Am I a Good Candidate for QWO®?

Women with moderate to severe cellulite on their buttocks make ideal candidates for QWO®. If you want a non-surgical, minimally invasive solution to your cellulite, QWO® offers a safe, highly effective option. People with bleeding disorders may not make good candidates, and QWO® is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Results vary from patient to patient, but we definitely see results after two to three treatments as the fat begins to melt away, reducing your double-chin or other unwanted bulges. The results of this injection should last for years to come and is a long-term solution to under the chin fat.

We do recommend that a healthy weight is consistently maintained after the treatment to avoid gaining extra fat in this area.

Fat cells that burst are removed, but that doesn’t mean the remaining fat cells cannot expand in the future if a significant amount of weight is gained. As with any fat reduction treatment, we recommend a healthy diet and moderate exercise to support your treatments for the best possible results.


Directly after the injection, no particular dressings need to be added to cover the injection site. There is absolutely no downtime for you to worry about. However, there are a couple of days needed for healing in the skin. The injection site may have hardened areas as the injection works to metabolize the fat cells.

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