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Does loose skin keep you from looking like your true self?

Skin laxity is one of the biggest concerns Rodeo Surgical Art patients have, whether they’ve come to see Dr. David Mashhadian for help removing it, or they’re concerned a procedure such as liposuction will increase their likelihood of increasing how much loose skin they have. That’s why at Rodeo Surgical Art, we’re thrilled to bring Renuvion, formerly known as J Plasma, to our patients. Say goodbye to loose skin with this remarkable technology.

How Does Renuvion (J Plasma) Work?

The result of extensive scientific and clinical research, Renuvion tightens skin from the underside, where skin is most effectively treated. Renuvion is approved for cutting, coagulating, and ablating soft tissues during open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. A proprietary balance of helium and radiofrequency energy causes skin to contract and induces collagen production for longer-term improvement to skin firmness.

 Radiofrequency energy rapidly converts helium gas to a very stable cool plasma at a temperature lower than ultrasound or radiofrequency laser energy alone—100º vs 300º-600º. The cool plasma is applied through a tiny cannula to the underside of the skin with complete accuracy and immediately visible results, giving Dr. Mashhadian a real-time view to tailor his contouring of the soft tissues and tightening the skin on sight. The plasma beam tightens dermal fibers within the skin from the underside without damaging nearby tissues. Because of the increased temperature control and accuracy of the plasma beam, Renuvion does not add to recovery times for your procedure.

Renuvion has extraordinary skin tightening capabilities, and its breakthrough technology can be applied to the:




Thighs and legs


Sides or flanks



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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have loose skin from weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, or because of simple aging and gravity, Renuvion may be a fantastic alternative to an invasive surgery that comes with significant scarring. Or if you’re having liposuction or a neck lift, Renuvion can be added to your treatment plan to improve the outcome.

What Is the Renuvion Procedure Like?

Your treatment will be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Mashhadian during your comprehensive consultation, so you will understand up front exactly how Renuvion will enhance your current procedure or as a standalone procedure. Depending on concurrent procedures, you’ll receive  local, oral, or general anesthesia for maximum comfort. Renuvion’s cool plasma beam will be applied through the cannula to the underside of your skin through incisions either made for your other procedure or strategically placed for this purpose. The plasma contracts the skin through applied heat to the underside which also stimulates collagen for firmer, tighter support. Moving carefully back and forth, Dr. Mashhadian sculpts your skin’s tightness in real time, adjusting the treatment for your specific contours for the best results. Renuvion takes 30 minutes or less to complete.

While recovery time depends on the procedure you’re having, Dr. Mashhadian’s proprietary Recovery EXL™ techniques can have you on your feet in a few days, possibly without the need for narcotic pain medication.

What Results Will I See?

Unlike other laser skin tightening treatments, your results from Renuvion will be immediately visible. Your skin will be noticeably tighter and firmer, and with enhanced collagen production, improvement will continue for months, rejuvenating your treatment area further. While your skin will age naturally, it will do so from a more youthful starting place. Renuvion truly does set back the hands of time, and its results are lasting provided you continue a healthy lifestyle. Renuvion is a game changer, tightening skin in ways never before seen in the cosmetic enhancement industry without invasive and scarring surgery. All you have to lose is the loose skin.


*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary