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What Are the Benefits of a Breast Reduction?

It’s widely believed women unhappy with their breasts seek to increase the size, but a large subset of women have the opposite problem: oversized breasts. Breasts too large for a woman’s frame can drain self-confidence, inhibit proper clothing fit, contribute to poor posture and physical discomfort, and impede exercise. If this sounds familiar, let Rodeo Surgical Art help you shed the burden of overly large breasts through a breast reduction.

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The Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Large breasts interfere in many ways. They can cause physical discomfort through back and shoulder pain, poor posture, and headaches. Exercise, even something as simple as jogging, is all but impossible. Finding clothes you like—including comfortable bras—isn’t easy. Large breasts can affect social interactions, coloring how colleagues and friends see you and how you see yourself. Your breasts don’t have to overshadow your life anymore.

A breast reduction can be a literal weight off your chest, and Dr. David Mashhadian offers several techniques to tailor the procedure to the individual patient’s needs. The amount of breast tissue can determine which type of reduction you have, but overall, a reduction has many benefits, including:

Am I a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for breast reduction are those whose breast size interferes with daily quality of life, impedes a healthy lifestyle, and detracts from social interactions. Get started with a consultation with Dr. Mashhadian to go over all your options and answer your questions.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

Dr. Mashhadian will perform your breast reduction in Rodeo Surgical Art’s advanced procedure room under general anesthesia. Your incisions will be made as discreetly as possible, and excess fat, tissue, and skin will be removed. Depending on the extent of tissue removal, the placement of your areola and nipple is adjusted, which may result in some loss of sensation after healing is complete. The breasts are then contoured and the incisions are brought together for an immediate result. In some cases, Scarless Breast Reduction is possible, using a liposuction technique that may also include Vaser treatment for improved fat reduction. This reduces the breast size and minimizes complications while improving recovery.

Recovery and Results

Dr. Mashhadian has perfected the Recovery EXL system, a proprietary combination of medication and surgical techniques designed to reduce complications, minimize post-op pain and improve recovery length. A compression bra will be recommended for improved healing. Many Rodeo Surgical Art patients have resumed their regular schedule remarkably fast because of Recovery EXL, becoming ambulatory almost immediately, and returning to work in as little as a week.

A breast reduction is one of the procedures for which results are immediately visible, though it will take 4-6 months for your final breast shape to settle. Patients report an immediate sense of physical and emotional lightness from the weight removed, and 95% of patients are satisfied with the results.

Many breast reduction patients cite their procedure as being life-changing, improving their quality of life so much they often call it the best decision they’ve ever made. You, too, can benefit from Dr. Mashhadian’s surgical artistry and take back your life, your health, and your emotional well-being with a breast reduction.

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