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When Should I Get a Breast Augmentation?

Any cosmetic procedure, including a breast augmentation, is a deeply personal decision based on a number of factors which differ patient to patient. While each person’s choice has to fit their life, there are optimal times to have a breast augmentation. Rodeo Surgical Art has guided thousands of patients through the best time to undergo a breast augmentation, and we’ve got a guide to help you decide when the time is right for you.

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The Best Times of Have a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a highly personal procedure each patient needs to prepare for in their own time, but Dr. David Mashhadian has determined certain factors that do lead to a better outcome.

During Winter Time

While some of this depends on geographic location, the colder months are when people tend to wear heavier, less revealing clothing. Fabrics are thicker and can mask any swelling that can take a few weeks to subside. It also takes a few months for your new breasts to settle into their final position, so by the time warm weather brings out the tank tops and swimsuits, you’ll be ready to show off the improvements from your procedure.

There may also be more choice in scheduling times right after the holidays, when people’s social calendars aren’t as full as they are other times of the year.

Additionally, a winter procedure minimizes sun and heat exposure, which can negatively impact your incision healing, increase inflammation, and prolong your recovery. Both issues are easier to avoid in winter months.

When You’re 21

Dr. Mashhadian recommends waiting until patients are at least 21 before undergoing breast enhancement surgery. This is because many young women under 21 are still experiencing changes to their breasts in the final years of puberty. While legally you’re an adult at 18, your body’s genetics may continue with growth beyond that number.

When Your Family is Complete

Pregnancy changes your body in ways not everyone can anticipate, including changing the shape and placement of implants through weight fluctuations and changes to your skin’s elasticity. Waiting until after these changes gives you the opportunity to correct any asymmetry, sagging, or other changes pregnancy and breastfeeding may have wrought on your breasts. You can restore your breasts to their pre-pregnancy pertness, shape, or size.

A breast augmentation shouldn’t interfere with your ability to breastfeed, but there are a small subset of patients for whom it does. The chances increase if Dr. Mashhadian needs to make incisions around your nipples and milk ducts. This may impact your nerve endings, which can affect successful breastfeeding. By waiting until your family is complete, you’re maximizing the chances your results remain natural and turn out as you and Dr. Mashhadian intended during the planning phase of your breast enhancement.

When You’re Ready

These guidelines are only that—guidelines. We’re honored to be part of our patients’ cosmetic enhancement journeys, and we get to see firsthand how much a breast augmentation can improve one’s mental well-being and self-confidence. If the idea of waiting (for the right season, the right age, or until after children) takes more of a toll on your emotional health, we’re happy to help you make the decision that is most beneficial to you. If you’re in general good health and a good candidate medically, your right time could be sooner than you think.

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