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Will I Be Able to Breastfeed After a Breast Lift?

Women everywhere cite their breasts as the primary body part they would change if they could. If you’re unhappy with the shape, size, or contour of your breast profile, breast surgery can be one of the best investments in yourself and your confidence. But for women in childbearing years, breastfeeding is a major concern. Let Dr. Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art answer your questions.

Breast Lift Beverly Hills

The Breast Lift Procedure

breast lift repositions breasts that have sagged and relocates nipples that point downward rather than outward (known as ptosis). The goal is a more youthful, perkier positioning of the breasts that more closely match the patient’s body proportions. Each breast lift is tailored to the individual patient’s specific body profile, which, for some, may include the addition of breast augmentation to achieve desired results.

The procedure is performed in Rodeo Surgical Arts’ state-of-the-art facilities, usually under general anesthesia, and may last for 3-5 hours. Dr. David Mashhadian performs the breast lift with mindfully placed incisions for minimal scarring to remove excess skin and contour the breasts for a firmer, more appealing shape. The nipples receive critical attention as well to ensure the size of the areolas and positioning and direction of the nipple conforms to the patient’s proportions and goals. The final result is restored breasts that are pleasingly shaped, properly located on the chest wall, and achieve the patient’s aesthetic desires.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Women who make the best breast lift candidates are in relatively good health while simultaneously experiencing drooping breasts lower on the chest wall, sagging or lax skin, and nipples that point downward instead of outward.

What is Recovery Like?

Dr. Mashhadian’s proprietary Recovery EXL system gets you mobile faster and without the need for narcotic pain management. Bruising and swelling may occur for a couple of weeks, and support garments during your recovery are critical for proper, comfortable healing. While your mobility improves in a week or two, strenuous exercise is best avoided for about 6 weeks.

What Results Can I Expect?

As bruising and swelling clear, the shape, lift, and size (if applicable) of your breasts will emerge. You should have breasts in a higher location on the chest wall that’s often associated with youth. If you’ve chosen simultaneous augmentation, you’ll have fuller breasts. Most women require only one surgery in a lifetime to achieve their desired appearance and breast profile. For women of childbearing age, pregnancy and nursing can sometimes alter the breasts’ appearance after treatment.

Breastfeeding After a Breast Lift

There’s no guarantee with any surgical procedure of a perfect outcome. That said, most women who undergo breast and nipple surgery are able to breastfeed.

Breast procedures can potentially affect nerves and milk ducts within the breast, which can sometimes impact lactation, but it’s not a certainty. Innovative surgical techniques, even for relocating the areola and nipple entirely, don’t necessarily require complete detachment from these nerves and ducts. New pathways may even form to regain functionality and milk supply for breastfeeding. For some mothers whose breast procedure has limited lactation, supplementing their milk supply can maintain a baby’s proper nutrition while still giving all the benefits of breastfeeding and successful bonding.

You don’t have to choose between loving the way your breasts look and breastfeeding. At Rodeo Surgical Art, you can have it all.

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