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As the central feature of your face, the nose can have a significant impact on your appearance overall. Changing its appearance can make you feel more beautiful and confident from every angle. Whether you are concerned about a wide or narrow nose, a nose that is asymmetrical or one that does not appear to fit with your other facial features, Dr. David Mashhadian can help. He and his staff at Rodeo Surgical Art are ready to assist you in achieving the aesthetically pleasing nose that balances out your facial features and enhances your natural beauty.

Rhinoplasty Benefits

  • Enhance the size, shape or position of the nose
  • Correct deformities or asymmetries that make you self-conscious about your appearance
  • Customizable solutions designed to produce the precise results you want
  • Minimal external incisions mean almost no visible scarring afterward
  • Advanced techniques ensure a quick and comfortable recovery process
  • Results of rhinoplasty can be enjoyed for a lifetime


Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is a procedure that makes permanent enhancements to the nose. There are different ways this treatment can be performed, allowing Dr. Mashhadian to customize each operation to the precise needs of his patients.

The goal of rhinoplasty is to make subtle changes to the nose that have a profound impact on the entire appearance, producing natural, beautiful results. If the function of the nose is compromised, due to a deviated septum or other structural abnormality, Dr. Mashhadian may be able to make those corrections as well during the same procedure, providing you a comprehensive outcome with just one time under anesthesia and one recovery process.

Some patients are nervous about moving forward with cosmetic surgery because they are concerned about the level of pain they might experience after their procedure. Another common worry is that you might need to take narcotic pain medication after surgery, which can be highly addictive and cause a host of unpleasant side effects. Dr. Mashhadian understands those concerns, which is why he developed the innovative Recovery EXL system. This process minimizes discomfort after surgical procedures and avoids the necessity of narcotic pain medicine, creating a more positive post-operative experience for his patients.

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Dr. Mashhadian’s goals for his cosmetic surgery practice are of the highest and greatest. Our cosmetic surgeon believes that his attention to detail and an eye for aesthetic beauty are his tools for creating beauty and symmetry.

See the results for yourself – click below to view before & after images from surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mashhadian himself.


With a variety of rhinoplasty techniques to choose from, this procedure can be used to address a host of aesthetic and structural concerns:

  • Change the size of the nose in proportion to other features of the face
  • Remove bumps or humps along the nasal bridge
  • Alter the width of the nose at its base
  • Reduce or adjust the size or shape of the nostrils, while creating symmetry
  • Adjust the profile of the nose to create a more attractive facial contour
  • Enhance the shape, projection, and rotation tip of the nose
  • Enhance the overall symmetry and balance of the nose
  • Straighten or otherwise correct the septum to improve breathing obstructions

Patients seeking rhinoplasty should be in good health and non-smokers. If you smoke, Dr. Mashhadian will ask you to quit a few weeks before and after the surgery to avoid nicotine-related complications. At your initial consultation, Dr. Mashhadian will listen intently to your concerns about your nose so he can understand your desired changes in detail. He will discuss what you can realistically expect to accomplish with your rhinoplasty, so you are more apt to be fully satisfied with your results. He will also show you before and after photos of other patients to see the type of benefits rhinoplasty offers.


Rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Dr. Mashhadian will work with you to choose the technique that best suits your needs. Options might include: Open, Closed, or Revision Rhinoplasty.


As the most invasive technique, open rhinoplasty involves incisions inside the nasal cavity as well as one external incision along the underside of the nose between the nostrils. This tissue is known as the columella, and while it does result in a single visible scar, it also provides ample access for Dr. Mashhadian to make more extensive corrections. The external incision is very small and does not leave significant visible scarring behind.


Closed rhinoplasty limits incisions to the internal nasal cavities, which avoids visible scarring after the procedure. Because access to the structure of the nose is limited, Dr. Mashhadian does not use this approach quite as often as open rhinoplasty. However, for the right patient in need of minimal correction, closed rhinoplasty can be a viable option.


Revision rhinoplasty is performed when the results of an initial nose reshaping surgery did not go as planned. In this situation, Dr. Mashhadian usually asks patients to bring in photos from before the original surgery to discuss what your expectations were at that time and what you expect from your surgery now. Revision rhinoplasty tends to be more complex than an initial nose reshaping procedure in most cases, so working with an experienced, highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Mashhadian is essential to ensure a successful outcome.

For patients that require minimal correction and don’t mind scheduling regular treatment sessions to avoid surgery, a non-surgical rhinoplasty option is also available. This procedure uses a variety of dermal fillers to enhance the shape of the nose, improve asymmetries and produce a more attractive facial profile. Dr. Mashhadian offers a variety of fillers for this purpose so that he can create many different effects in his goal of achieving the patient’s desired results. Using minimally-invasive procedures like this one ensures Dr. Mashhadian’s patients have a full range of options to choose from in creating the outcome they want.


Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in most cases. The surgery takes between 90 minutes to three hours to complete, and you will be comfortably asleep the entire time. Dr. Mashhadian begins by making the necessary incisions to access the internal structure of the nose. In some cases, cartilage may need to be grafted in from other areas to create the desired shape of the nose and strengthen the structure. In these cases, Dr. Mashhadian often takes cartilage from the ear, making it relatively easy to perform the full graft during the rhinoplasty.

After the surgery, you may have splints or packing inside the nose to protect it and help hold the new shape during the healing process. These may remain in the nose for a few days. Dr. Mashhadian will advise you to avoid blowing your nose during the first week or two after surgery so that the surgical site is not damaged in any way. He will see you for follow-up appointments during your recovery process to ensure your healing goes smoothly and you do not encounter any complications along the way. Patients can return to their regular routines within one to two weeks after surgery but will need to wait for more strenuous exercise for an additional four weeks to give the nose ample time to recuperate.


The results of your rhinoplasty will take some time to develop completely, as bruising and swelling are common and do not subside for a few weeks. Residual swelling can extend for a full year after your procedure, so it is essential to be patient as you are waiting to see your results. Once your new look is apparent, it will be f0r good, and you should not need any more surgery to maintain your results. Because Dr. Mashhadian takes the time to set realistic expectations with patients before surgery, most are fully satisfied with their appearance.


*Individual Results May Vary

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