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The Comprehensive Guide to Gummy Bear Implants: Essential Information In the realm of cosmetic surgery, continuous advancements lead to new, innovative procedures that offer improved results with reduced risks. One such innovation is the gummy bear implant, a type of breast implant that has attracted attention due to its unique composition and notable benefits. For those considering breast augmentation, understanding what gummy bear implants offer can aid in making an informed decision. What Are Gummy Bear Implants? Gummy bear implants, also referred to as form-stable or cohesive gel implants, are a type of silicone breast implant. Their name comes from the consistency of the silicone gel inside, which is similar to that of gummy bear candies. Unlike traditional silicone or saline implants, gummy bear implants retain their shape even if the outer shell is compromised. Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants Natural Look and Feel: One of the primary reasons many opt for gummy bear implants is their natural appearance and texture. The cohesive gel closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue, offering a more realistic result. Shape Retention: These implants are designed to hold their shape better than other types. This means less risk of rippling or deformities over time, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics. Lower Risk of Leakage: With traditional implants, there’s always a concern about leakage. However, the thick gel in gummy bear implants reduces this risk significantly. Even if the outer shell is compromised, the gel remains intact. Reduced Risk of Capsular Contracture: This condition, where scar tissue forms around the implant causing it to harden, is less common with gummy bear implants. The stable shape and texture of the implant can reduce the likelihood of this complication. The Procedure: What to Expect Consultation: The journey begins with a thorough consultation with your surgeon. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we prioritize understanding your aesthetic goals and medical history to recommend the best implant type and size for you. Surgery: The procedure for inserting gummy bear implants is similar to other breast augmentations. It typically involves making an incision under the breast, around the nipple, or in the armpit. The surgeon then places the implant either above or below the chest muscle. Recovery: Post-surgery, patients can expect some swelling and discomfort, which usually subsides within a few weeks. Following the surgeon’s aftercare instructions is crucial for optimal healing and results. Are Gummy Bear Implants Right for You? Gummy bear implants offer many benefits, but they may not be the ideal choice for everyone. Factors such as body type, breast anatomy, and personal preferences are crucial in determining the most suitable implant for you. Consider the following points: Firmness: Some patients may find gummy bear implants to be firmer compared to traditional silicone or saline implants. Cost: Due to their advanced technology and manufacturing process, gummy bear implants tend to be more expensive. Incision Size: These implants are pre-filled and form-stable, requiring a slightly larger incision than saline implants. Why Choose Rodeo Surgical Art? At Rodeo Surgical Art, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence and ensuring patient satisfaction. Dr. David Mashadian, a board-certified surgeon specializing in cosmetic procedures, leads our team, delivering personalized care tailored to your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art facility and advanced techniques ensure you receive exceptional treatment and achieve outstanding results. Gummy bear implants are a significant advancement in breast augmentation, offering a natural appearance and tactile sensation coupled with improved safety features. If you are considering this option, consulting with a skilled and reputable surgeon is crucial to achieve optimal outcomes. At Rodeo Surgical Art, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey, ensuring you make well-informed decisions and feel confident every step of the way.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

It may surprise you to learn that breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. The reasons for a revision procedure are varied and personal, but future procedures will become necessary to ensure your implants’ integrity. Dr. David Mashhadian is Beverly Hills’ breast implant expert, and he can help you understand everything you need to know about successful breast augmentation, including revisions.   How Do Breast Implants Work? Breast implants enhance the size, shape, position, and symmetry of women’s breasts to improve self-confidence and quality of life. The breasts are a big part of femininity, and if a patients’ breasts lack a pleasing appearance, they can erode a fundamental part of one’s self-image. Dr. Mashhadian has spent years perfecting techniques and researching implant science to give women more control over the appearance of their breasts. Each patient’s augmentation will vary in type and style of implant, method of insertion, and placement, which gives Dr. Mashhadian a variety of advanced techniques to improve your overall breast appearance with natural, enhanced results. Am I a Good Candidate? Women who dislike the size, shape, or appearance of their breasts may find a breast augmentation can greatly enhance their comfort with their chest profile. Saline implants have been FDA-approved for women 18 or older, and silicone implants are a viable choice for women 22 or older. During your consultation, Dr. Mashhadian will explore your choices for breast augmentation and how they affect the overall results so you can determine what’s best for you. How Long Do Breast Implants Last? While breast implants don’t have an expiration date, they typically last between 10-20 years. There are many reasons women undergo breast implant revision. For some, it’s a matter of aesthetics changing as they get older. Perhaps the size or shape chosen in their 20s doesn’t appeal in their 30s or 40s and no longer gives them the results they love. Another reason is the implants have ruptured. With saline implants, this becomes obvious quickly, as the breast changes shape with the rapid loss of implant volume. It’s less obvious in silicone implants, which lose volume more slowly. The development of hardened scar tissue around one or both implants, called capsular contraction, is another reason women have their implants revised or removed. This can be a painful situation that causes the breast’s outward appearance to change or leaves the patients feeling tenderness or skin tightness that must be addressed as soon as possible. The implant shell may also fold or ripple with movement, causing a change to the outward shape of the breast or the ability to feel these ripples when breasts are touched. Implant shifting may also be a good reason to consider a revision to your breast augmentation. What Can I Do to Prolong My Breast Implants? One of the best ways to prolong the longevity of your implants is to choose your surgeon wisely. Dr. Mashhadian is one of Beverly Hills’ best, with years of experience across thousands of patients who’ve been thrilled with their augmentation results. He’ll monitor the condition of your implants for as long as you have them, so detection of a rupture, rippling, or capsular contraction can be made sooner than later. Regularly scheduled checkups can go a long way toward keeping your implants healthy for longer. Another option to improve the longevity of your implant results is choosing gummy bear implants. These are made of advanced silicone gel with 3% more cross-linking to give it more stability in its shape in all positions. This reduces the occurrence of folding and rippling, minimizing the chance of rupture. It also limits the incidence of capsular contracture by 69%. The textured shell, along with several unique size and shape options, gives gummy bear implants a more natural look and feel to find your perfect fit. Their low chance of rippling or rupture reduces stress on the implants, which leads to a far less likelihood for sooner revision. While no implant is entirely guaranteed against shifting, leakage, or rippling, the cohesive gel structure of gummy bear implants limits the silicone traveling within the body after a rupture and becoming a danger to the patient. Breast implants are a safe and long-lasting medical device, but they will eventually require a revision to replace them for your safety and continued improved quality of life. With the right physician and implant choice, you can prolong their longevity and enjoy the natural feel and appearance of your enhanced breasts for years.

What Sizes Do the Ideal Breast Implants Come In?

As far as breast implant technology has been concerned over the last two decades, women had a choice: the safety of saline-filled implants or the natural movement and beauty of silicone-filled implants. Dr. David Mashhadian and the team at Rodeo Surgical Art are thrilled to say that, thanks to Ideal Breast Implants, women no longer have to choose between a natural aesthetic outcome and their own safety and health. Why Ideal Breast Implants? For the first time in 30 years, a new type of breast implant has been introduced that elevates women’s outcomes during a breast augmentation. The FDA has approved the Ideal Breast Implant for women ages 18 and older. These implants take the most challenging decision patients have had to make regarding their breast augmentation—saline’s safety versus silicone’s natural look and feel—and solve it by offering women the best of both worlds. The Ideal Breast Implant technology is called a Structured Implant because the shell has been revolutionized to provide a structure similar to that of a silicone gel-based implant while still being filled with safer saline. There are 2 interior chambers, each filled with saline once the implant shell has been placed in the breast pocket during an augmentation procedure. Because the saline is introduced after implant placement, the incision Ideal Implants require is smaller than silicone implants. Ideal Implants also require no FDA-recommended MRI monitoring. If one of the interior chambers ruptures, the body safely absorbs the saline while the other chamber remains intact, preserving the appearance of the affected breast. This gives patients the chance to schedule a replacement or removal procedure with less urgency and more convenience. The risk of rupture is also reduced because of the multi-layered shell. There are 4 layers between the inner chamber and the outer shell, so if one baffle is compromised, the others may hold steady. The risk of capsule contracture is also significantly reduced with Ideal Implants compared to their competitors. What Sizes do the Ideal Breast Implants Come In? The size you choose for your implants can make all the difference with how pleased you are with the outcome. The implants themselves come in various sizes comparable to other types of implants, from 210cc to 675cc in volume. But what does that truly mean? The cc measurement is the total volume of the implant once it’s properly placed and filled. For a 210cc implant, that translates to a 9.8cm diameter and a 4.0cm-4.4cm projection, which refers to the measurement the breast measures forward from the chest wall. A 675cc size implant is a 14.1cm-14.2cm diameter with a 5.8cm-6.4cm projection. A 440cc implant is close to the middle between the lowest and highest volume and measures 12.4cm-12.5cm in diameter with a 5.0cm-5.6cm projection. These may be difficult numbers to visualize, so Dr. Mashhadian and the team at Rodeo Surgical Art are ready to meet you and show you just what you need to know to make the decision that’s right for you.  These are exciting times for women seeking breast augmentation. No longer do you have to put your safety in jeopardy to achieve the breast size, shape, and position you’d like. With Ideal Breast Implants, you can have the breasts you’ve always wanted without compromise. Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Implants? Have you considered a breast augmentation to enhance your breasts or correct an asymmetry but didn’t like your choices between safety and aesthetics? Now you don’t have to choose. Dr. Mashhadian is happy to explain every option available to you concerning breast augmentation during your comprehensive consultation. What is the Breast Enhancement Procedure Like? Your breast augmentation procedure will take place in our state-of-the-art surgical suite beside the Rodeo Surgical Art boutique-style offices on an outpatient basis. There, the treatment plan you’ve created with Dr. Mashhadian—including type, size, and shape of the implant, placement of the implant, and location of the incisions—will be carried out with an eye for meticulous detail and maximizing your results. Dr. Mashhadian also uses advanced surgical techniques and medicine combinations to minimize your recovery with his Recovery EXL™ process, so you have less bleeding and tissue trauma. Many of Dr. Mashhadian’s patients are on their feet much sooner than they anticipate, thanks to Recovery EXL™.