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Breast Lift

How Long is Recovery from a Breast Lift?

One of the biggest reasons women consider a breast lift is to restore their breasts after pregnancy and nursing. This also means some busy moms can’t afford a lengthy downtime when they have young children to look after. This is where a breast lift with Dr. David Mashhadian can make a big difference for patients, thanks to his Recovery EXL™ program to minimize recovery times and patient discomfort. How Does a Breast Lift Work? With a breast lift, busy moms can restore the firm, younger breasts they had before having children. This procedure repositions the breasts to a more attractive location higher on the chest wall and removes excess skin. If necessary, a breast lift also reduces and relocates nipples for a naturally beautiful breast presentation. This is a requirement when the nipples point downward rather than out and up, a condition called ptosis. The degree of ptosis will often determine which techniques Dr. Mashhadian uses during your customized breast lift procedure. Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift? If you’re unhappy with the position of your breasts, the stretchiness of the skin holding your breasts in place, or the downward direction in which your nipples point, you may be an ideal candidate for a breast lift. Your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Mashhadian will include a thorough examination to explain precisely how a breast lift can help you. What is Breast Lift Surgery Like? Dr. Mashhadian performs breast lifts under general anesthesia in the Rodeo Surgical Art AAAHC certified surgical facility. It’s an outpatient procedure, so when it’s complete, and you’re ready, a friend or loved one is free to take you home where you can recover in familiar surroundings the same day. You’ll have bandages and a surgical bra to provide support for your breasts as they begin to heal. Dr. Mashhadian takes great care to minimize the incision during the procedure to heal into barely-there scars. In some cases, breast implants may also be planned to help you achieve the youthful, perky breasts you’re seeking. If this is the case, you may feel heaviness on your chest as you acclimate to the implants’ volume. How Long is Recovery from a Breast Lift? Many people believe recovery from a cosmetic surgery procedure is a long, drawn-out process. This doesn’t have to be the case. Dr. Mashhadian’s Recovery EXL™ techniques, which include meticulously honed surgical practices combined with timed medications, can significantly reduce your discomfort in the days following your breast lift. Recovery EXL™ will be explained to you in more detail during your consultation with Dr. Mashhadian. One of the most significant advantages of the Recovery EXL™ techniques is that many patients can forego narcotic pain medications entirely. This is a particular bonus for moms who don’t want the side effects—fuzzy mental perception, slowed reflexes, and severe drowsiness—these medications can bring. With Rodeo Surgical Art, you can be up and on your feet sooner and experience an easier recovery without the need for addictive pain management. For breast lift recovery, you’ll need to wear a supportive bra for the first few weeks, so it’s wise to invest in more than one. You’ll need to avoid lifting your arms above shoulder height for quite a while, so a front-closure bra without underwires is ideal rather than a sports bra. Dr. Mashhadian will also supply you with recommendations for minimizing bruising and swelling as you heal. Most patients can return to their normal schedule over the first 1-2 weeks as they feel ready. You’ll be given a timeline for resuming strenuous exercise that will likely span up to 6 weeks. We are also proud to offer Bio Corneum, a topical scar therapy serum made of silicone gel, which prevents significant scarring and protects those with new scars from UV damage from the sun. The solution can be applied when the skin has healed enough and contributes to pencil-thin, barely noticeable scars. What Results Can I Expect from my Breast Lift? Getting a breast lift will not only make your breasts look perky and more youthful, but it’ll also improve your confidence in your body’s curves. If you’ve added implants, then your breasts will be full and voluptuous. Women who’ve had a breast lift often enjoy their new, natural-looking breasts for a lifetime. Young moms can regain their pre-motherhood figure without the lengthy recovery or narcotic medication haze thanks to Recovery EXL™ and Dr. Mashhadian’s passion for sculpting art with the human body.

How to Fix Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts are a serious problem for many women. Whether it’s simply an annoyance or if you’re embarrassed to take your shirt off in public. There is no need to live with this problem any longer! Breast augmentation and breast lift can fix your sagging breast problems. Why Do Breasts Sag? Many factors cause breasts to become saggy. Some of the causes include changes in hormones, aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding history, and genetics. Cooper’s ligaments that support your breast can stretch out over time, leading to sagging boobs. Loose skin or the loss of elasticity also leads to sagging breasts because it allows for more drooping than normal tissue permits. Smoking, gravity, and weight changes can also lead to sagging breasts.  How Can I Fix Sagging Breasts? You can fix sagging breasts with a breast lift or breast augmentation. Breast Lift A breast lift is a surgery to restore sagging breasts and create more attractive contours. The procedure removes excess skin, reduces the nipple and areola if necessary, and repositions them for a natural look overall. Dr. Mashhadian tailors each procedure to his patient’s needs, creating a result that perfectly matches their body proportions. Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation is also known as “boob job” or breast implant surgery. It’s an elective cosmetic surgical procedure that creates more symmetrical breasts by transferring fat from other areas of the body or inserting implants into your chest region. Can Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation be Combined? Yes, you can combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift. The implant will be inserted through the incision made for your specific type of breast lift with minimal trauma to tissues, so you experience less swelling and bruising as possible. Your final results are impacted by what kind of incisions are used in the surgery. Therefore it’s best to carefully consider which one is right for you before going into surgery. What is Recovery Like? At Rodeo Surgical Art, Dr. Mashhadian conducts all procedures on an outpatient basis. You will be monitored after the procedure for only a few hours before returning home to rest. You may experience chest heaviness due to new implants. However, this feeling should go away within some time. During recovery, there is no need for narcotic pain medication because Dr. Mashhadian uses Recovery EXL™ techniques, an exclusive pain management system that reduces discomfort after surgery and speeds up recovery time. Am I a Good Candidate? Patients who benefit immensely from breast procedures are generally healthy, have realistic expectations, and don’t smoke. A consultation with Dr. Mashhadian is an excellent place to get all your questions answered.

Can You Have a Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift at the Same Time?

Women seek out breast augmentation for several reasons. Some women feel that their breasts do not fit the rest of their body, and some have breasts that look asymmetrical or have an unusual shape. Breast augmentation usually places an implant into the breasts to make them look larger and give them the desired shape. On the other hand, a breast lift lifts and reshapes existing breast tissue to correct sagging breasts. Together, they work as a full breast rejuvenation. How Does Breast Augmentation Work? Dr. Mashhadian offers several different types of breast implants in order to provide the desired appearance, shape, and feel. Using advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Mashhadian places the implants through small, hidden incisions. This may include the transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) method, which places the implants through the belly button, leaving no visible scar. Some women choose to avoid implants and opt for a more subtle and natural-looking fat transfer breast implant. This procedure uses a woman’s own fat and injects it into the breasts. The fat will remain in the breasts and provide a minor but lasting enhancement. How Does a Breast Lift Work? While a breast augmentation can make breasts larger, it cannot undo loose or sagging skin. A breast lift uses an incision under the breast to remove loose skin, lift up the breast, and reshape the existing breast tissue into a more satisfactory shape. It may also reposition the areola and nipple to their proper location on the breast. Can You Have a Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift at the Same Time? Dr. Mashhadian performs breast surgeries under general anesthesia in the Rodeo Surgical Art AAAHC certified surgical facility. In many cases, a breast augmentation with a breast lift will give much better results than either one alone. A breast augmentation cannot provide much lift, so sagging skin remains unless the surgeon also performs a breast lift. Breast lifts remove loose skin so that the implant can sit higher on the chest, and the breast will have more shape. Since a breast lift uses a larger incision to remove loose skin, no extra incision is needed to place the implants. Both procedures can be performed at the same time, reducing the time under anesthesia and the length of recovery time over having each procedure separately. What Results Will I See From a Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift? You will see fuller, rounder breasts with firm skin. Depending on your type of implant, your breasts may have more projection and fullness or may look rounder and more natural. Each woman will have her own preferences, and Dr. Mashhadian will help you select the implant that will give you the breast shape, size, and feel that you want.