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TUBA Breast Augmentation

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation: An Overview

Breast augmentation has been around since the 1950s. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), “breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic procedure among women, following liposuction.” It is estimated that more than 300,000 women have breast implants each year in the United States. With the advent of new breast augmentation techniques, women no longer have to settle for scars in their breasts when having surgery. These advances allow them to look good and feel confident with a natural-looking bustline after they’ve had work done on it. TUBA (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation) allows women to enjoy completely scar-free and an extremely discreet and almost invisible scar. A premier surgeon like Dr. Mashhadian performs this method which has minimal risk of complications making it well understood by surgeons as safe for the majority of patients who choose to have surgery with them. The number of transumbilical breast augmentations (“TUBA”) has increased significantly over the last several years due to the lower risk of complications associated with this less invasive procedure. But what does transumbilical breast augmentation mean? What are its benefits, and does it have any downtime? What is Transumbilical Breast Augmentation? Transumbilical breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery technique in which saline-filled breast implants are inserted through an incision near the belly button. Dr. David Mashhadian of Rodeo Surgical Art is one of the most experienced transumbilical breast augmentation surgeons. How is Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Performed? At Rodeo Surgical Art, Dr. Mashhadian will administer general anesthesia to you to ensure your comfort and safety during surgery. The only incision made throughout this process runs vertically from below the navel to above it for him to access tissue, inside which he inserts an implant through a tunneling mechanism once it’s inserted into its final position within your breast mound, achieving optimal results with minimal scarring afterward. Dr. Mashhadian will gradually extend the incision to 4 cm to confirm each advancement lies directly above the fascia, ensuring patient safety and making it easier for him during surgery. Afterward, he’ll insert an obturator with a tube into this tunnel after removing his initial tools, then check to make sure no leaks are present before introducing tissue expanders through the empty canal of your breast pocket using an intravenous bag filled with saline solution. As the expander is filled, Dr. Mashhadian can use manual pressure externally to ensure a highly satisfying result for you. Adjustments are made to the tissue expander’s volume, and each patient is evaluated in a nearly upright position. Finally, an intravenous bag introduces the implant into the canal while saline solution fills it up. Air that entered during this process is suctioned out of there before closing with absorbable sutures for better healing. What are the Benefits of Transumbilical Breast Augmentation? While many women may see the absence of scars as a significant advantage to consider a TUBA procedure. Some additional benefits make the technique worthwhile. These include: Lower rates of capsular contracture compared to other procedures Small incisions lead to fewer problems, such as bleeding and infections Quick recovery It does not require an incision on the nipple, armpit, or breasts Decreased rate of infection What is Recovery from Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Like? After your transumbilical breast augmentation at Rodeo Surgical Art, Dr. Mashhadian will remove your pressure bandages and advise you not to wear under-wire or push-up bras until your implants have had adequate time to settle. Through a cutting-edge technique called RECOVERY EXL, Dr. Mashhadian allows his patients to enjoy their surgery recovery more than any other surgeon in the business today. This unique combination of medications and surgical incisions results in faster cases for clients looking to rejoin life’s daily activities after breast augmentation. Am I a Good Candidate for Transumbilical Breast Augmentation? A transumbilical breast augmentation procedure is a type of breast augmentation that uses saline implants. To get the best results, candidates must be in good health without any history of complications or bleeding. They also have to quit smoking for several weeks before and after their surgery if they are smokers because it reduces blood flow which can lead to riskier surgeries with higher complication rates. Women who wish to get this procedure should not only want larger breasts but feel comfortable having them done through an implant material (saline) rather than naturally larger ones like fatty tissues from other parts of your body such as hips or thighs. Women over 18 years old would likely benefit most since natural growth has stopped by then.. TUBA is the perfect solution for women who want to avoid scarring in their breast area post-surgery.  Like any procedure, you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mashhadian to discuss your options.

How Much Does TUBA Breast Augmentation Cost?

Dr. David Mashhadian offers TUBA breast augmentation for women who want all the benefits of breast augmentation with no scars. Transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) uses only one small hidden incision to prepare your breasts and put in your implants. It offers less tissue disruption and a faster recovery, making it an increasingly preferred option. What is TUBA Breast Augmentation? Transumbilical breast augmentation uses an incision hidden inside your navel to access your breasts and place saline implants. This procedure causes less tissue trauma and less risk of nerve damage than a traditional breast augmentation without sacrificing the quality of your results. The TUBA option makes this procedure available entirely scar-free for women who avoided breast augmentation to avoid scars.  How Does TUBA Breast Augmentation Work? To begin the procedure, Dr. Mashhadian will make a small incision inside the navel. It will heal into a tiny, almost invisible scar. He will create a tunnel from the incision toward the breasts using a thin, sharp instrument called an obturator. This instrument lets him create a narrow space that stays above the connective tissue of the abdomen, so it never risks damage to essential structures. Before continuing, Dr. Mashhadian will examine the tunnel, and inside the breast with an endoscope, a small camera inserted through a tube. He will insert flattened tissue expanders into the breasts and fill them with sterile saline. This allows him to sculpt the breast pocket to hold the final implants. It also allows him to measure the best volume of saline to use in the final implants. These are also inserted while empty and then filled with sterile saline to the correct volume.   How Much Does TUBA Breast Augmentation Cost? Surgical costs vary based on your location and your provider. An experienced surgeon with a record of excellence will not always be your cheapest choice, but your breasts matter too much for a discount procedure. Dr. Mashhadian will be happy to meet with you and provide an accurate estimate of how much your procedure will cost. Traditional breast augmentation surgery ranges from $6000 to $12,000, but the price provided may not include fees such as anesthesia, surgical supplies, and medications.  What are the Benefits of TUBA Breast Augmentation? The lack of a visible scar helps make TUBA breast augmentation the procedure of choice for many women. The procedure offers several other benefits that you should consider when discussing breast augmentation options. Minimal disruption of breast tissue Faster, easier recovery Lower risk of infection Less risk of nerve damage No risk to the ability to breastfeed Traditional breast augmentation procedures can disrupt nerves and muscles on their way to inserting breast implants. Because TUBA breast augmentation uses the smallest possible tools and implant inserts, it allows Dr. Mashhadian to minimize disruption of your healthy breast tissue.   Am I a Good Candidate for TUBA Breast Augmentation? If you are in good overall health and want larger, more symmetrical breasts, TUBA breast augmentation may be a good choice for you. The TUBA procedure can only use saline implants because they can be inserted empty, so people who want silicone implants will need a different approach. What is Recovery Like From TUBA Breast Augmentation? After your surgery, you will have your chest and abdomen wrapped in a pressure bandage. Dr. Mashhadian will remove this during your follow-up appointment. He recommends that you limit yourself to light activity for a few weeks, although you will probably feel well enough to go back to work during that time.   Dr. Masshadian uses a proprietary healing technique called RECOVERY EXL to improve your recovery time and limit discomfort. He developed this combination of pre-surgical medications and specialized incisions that help you feel minor discomfort after surgery and enjoy a faster recovery. What Results Will I See From TUBA Breast Augmentation? You will see larger breasts as soon as your pressure bandages are removed. It will take several months for your breasts to heal and settle into their new position fully, so your results will continue to evolve for up to a year. With TUBA breast augmentation and RECOVERY EXL techniques, you can return to regular activities as soon as possible. How Long Does a TUBA Breast Augmentation Last? Breast implants, silicone or saline, typically last ten to fifteen years, although some people keep theirs for a long time with no issues. You may choose to have your implants removed sooner than this because you want a different size or different type of implant. Some women develop scar tissue around the implant, known as a capsular contracture that can require an implant replacement. The TUBA procedure allows for removing and replacing your saline implants without creating any new scars.