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At Rodeo Surgical Art, we understand that every transformation is unique. The ideal solution for one patient might not be the best answer for the next. This is particularly true when it comes to combining injectables. A variety of nonsurgical techniques can be merged to rejuvenate, brighten and reveal the singularity of your own expression. Every remedy is distinctly personal since the treatment can be tailored to the contours of an individual face.

Botox Beverly Hills

Aging is universal; we all experience it, whether it is the wrinkles creeping into the corners around the eyes, the dark spots appearing on the skin or the loss of vitality. The good news is that each day, experts are coming to better understand the science of the aging face and this has opened new possibilities for prevention through non-invasive treatments. Using one medicine to reduce wrinkles and another to restore the fullness in the lips can be the prime solution for creating the ideal look. Dr. David Mashhadian works closely with each patient to create exceptional results. Not one solution is the same when finding the perfect fit.


Below are just a few of the options that you can pick and choose from at Rodeo Surgical Art:

  • Botox is a prescription medicine which can lift the brows and erase the lines of aging around the neck, forehead and mouth.
  • Restylane is a filler which provides volume restoration through the replacement of lost collagen. It can be used to even the creases of the face and to give the lips a fresh plumpness.
  • Radiesse is a unique volumizing filler which works to stimulate your body’s natural collagen-making capacity for exceptionally long-term results.
  • Dysport is an injectable treatment that lessens unwanted frown lines with neurotoxin botulinum toxin type A. The prescription is low in protein and the results are a soft, even and younger-looking appearance.
  • Juvederm is an injectable filler that provides a natural look, immediately returning vitality to the face in areas where there has been a significant loss of volume and collagen.
  • Perlane consists of hyaluronic acid which helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. The treatment can smooth away some of most severe lines or creases of age while creating fresh and defined contours in the face.

These simple treatments use a vast range of the latest anti-aging technologies. They can also be easily combined with other treatments such as laser or radiofrequency resurfacing, or a host of alternative skin enhancements. Not only are these less invasive options usually more cost-effective than surgery, they also allow more flexibility for continued alterations in the future.

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