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When it comes to your dream body, one procedure can help you achieve it all. BodyTite combines minimally-invasive liposuction with radio frequency (RF) therapy, to remove excess fat while simultaneously tightening  the skin and reducing the look of cellulite.

Diet and exercise alone can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, but it often cannot do anything about stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat, mild to moderate skin sagging or reducing cellulite, which can even be seen on young and slim people. The healthiest lifestyle — even one that cuts out all your favorite foods and beverages — often can’t rid you of these troublesome areas, keeping you from that chiseled, toned and sculpted look for which you’ve worked so hard.

However, BodyTite now gives you a highly effective and convenient way to achieve your body goals, and when you have this procedure performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon with a keen aesthetic eye, you can enjoy outstanding and long-lasting results.

What is BodyTite, and how does it work?

BodyTite is a minimally-invasive, FDA-approved procedure. It combines skin tightening and body contouring in a safe and comprehensive treatment, making it an ideal treatment for patients with widespread sagging skin or small, stubborn pockets of fat. This can occur for several reasons, such as due to massive weight loss or following a pregnancy.

The BodyTite device gently and precisely delivers heat to the subcutaneous fat and skin tissue layers, gently and safely liquefying the fat for easy removal through the attached cannula. The device simultaneously tightens the skin’s connective tissue and stimulates the growth of new collagen for firmer, smoother skin.

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Mashhadian will consistently monitor your skin temperature to maximize your safety and results. BodyTite can treat many body areas which accumulate unsightly, excess fat, including the fat beneath the chin (also known as submental fat), upper arms, abdominals, buttocks & “love handles”,  mid & lower back, and inner & outer thighs.

BodyTite is an ideal solution for patients who wish to rid themselves of the excess fat and loose skin that has made a fit and toned look impossible to achieve. The treatment also satisfies clients who prefer a non-invasive treatment to reach their body goals.

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Am I a Candidate for BodyTite?

If you have loose skin and excess stubborn pockets of fat around the abdomen, arms, neck, hips, and thighs, you are likely a good candidate for a BodyTite body contouring treatment. Further, a BodyTite treatment is ideal for clients who wish to avoid an invasive or surgical treatment for body contouring. BodyTite can provide you with visible and significant results without the downtime, recovery or risks associated with surgery or other more invasive procedures. Dr. Mashhadian will be able to evaluate you, help you define your goals and recommend the procedure or procedures best suited to revealing your ideal look!

What will happen during my BodyTite procedure?

You will have your BodyTite treatment here in our fully-equipped office in the heart of Rodeo Drive. Local anesthesia can be combined with sedation to ensure your complete comfort. After the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Mashhadian will insert a cannula into the treatment area through a small piercing in the skin, to access the fatty tissue that BodyTite will target. Another electrode will pass over the skin, and the two probes will create the thermal field that will safely hit the skin and produce your results.

This gentle heat, the product of RF energy, will melt away unwanted fat cells that will be sucked out through the cannula and also induce the production of collagen and elastin which will tighten your skin. The BodyTite handset is carefully passed over the treatment area to provide maximum rejuvenation while the built-in temperature-sensing controls protect the surface and underlying skin tissues throughout the procedure.

Can Bodytite treat multiple body areas?

You can have a BodyTite treatment in a single area or in multiple areas to reduce excess fat and loose skin effectively. The number of areas you choose to have treated will affect the length of your procedure and your recovery time, but Dr. Mashhadian will ensure you fully understand all the details of your procedure before you begin.

Is BodyTite a comfortable procedure?

Dr. Mashhadian will use tumescent local anesthesia to ensure your total comfort throughout your BodyTite treatment. This anesthesia solution will not only ensure you are pain-free throughout the procedure, but also further helps gently dislodge stubborn fat for easy removal.

Some tenderness and soreness in the treated areas are completely natural following the procedure, but these side effects are mild, temporary and can easily be managed. Prescription pain medication is often unnecessary, and Dr. Mashhadian will also recommend a proprietary all-natural and effective herbal formula that can help reduce any post-procedure swelling more quickly, while also encouraging faster healing.

Does BodyTite leave scars?

Because the incisions required for the insertion of the cannula are so small that they will not even require stitches, BodyTite is considered a scar-free option for body contouring. After recovery, most patients will find no evidence that a procedure has been performed on their bodies, beyond their beautiful results.

Can BodyTite treat my unique concerns?

Dr. Mashhadian will work closely with you to ensure that he is able to sculpt the look you are after and address your unique concerns. Most patients experience significant improvements in a single treatment. However, some patients may have more severe needs or simply want more rejuvenation. If you desire more rejuvenation, you can have additional BodyTite treatments to enhance your results. Since your BodyTite results will continue to develop over 12 months, it is best to wait a full year before having an additional BodyTite treatment.

Can I combine my BodyTite treatment with other procedures?

For patients after more comprehensive surgical contouring, BodyTite can complement a diverse array of procedures from Tummy Tucks and Mommy Makeovers to Neck Lifts. A BodyTite procedure can also be performed together with a fat transfer procedure, harvesting the necessary fat cells for facial fat grafting. Please let Dr. Mashhadian know all your aesthetic goals during your in-person consultation, so he can provide you with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that delivers full-body results.

What will I experience during my BodyTite recovery?*

Dr. Mashhadian’s BodyTite clients can return home the same day with minimal side effects. While you will feel some tenderness and have some swelling and bruising, these symptoms are mild and generally subside within a few hours of your treatment; however, some bruising may take longer to resolve completely. You may notice uneven skin where you have had your BodyTite treatment also, but this is also a normal symptom and not a cause for alarm. Like other post-treatment symptoms, uneven skin will dissipate over the next two to three weeks as the skin tightens in the treated areas, resulting in a smooth and refreshed appearance. You will have some downtime after your BodyTite procedure; for most patients, between one and two days of downtime is normal, and almost all patients can return to work by day four. You will not be allowed to do anything strenuous in the two weeks immediately post-surgery, but can resume all your usual activities by week three as you feel comfortable.

What results can I expect from BodyTite?*

BodyTite provides virtually immediate, visible results that you can begin to appreciate just a few hours after your treatment, and you will continue to see improvements in the treatment area for up to 12 months. Newly produced collagen and elastin triggered by the BodyTite treatment will continue to tighten the skin for several months while your body gradually removes whatever small pockets of melted fat that remain, leaving you with greater firmness and improved skin tone. Further, you will never have scarring as a result of BodyTite. Fat cells treated by BodyTite will not return, but your body may still gain weight in other areas if you put on a significant amount of weight after the procedure. As long as you continue to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, however, you can enjoy the results of your treatment for years to come.

Why Rodeo Surgical Art?

Body contouring brings your whole body into focus and can truly transform your entire look. When every part of your body looks its best, you can have complete confidence in any situation — and this outcome is priceless. However, all body contouring treatments are not made the same, nor will any provider give you the outstanding results you deserve.

BodyTite, performed by renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Mashhadian, can deliver not only outstanding results but also a look that truly reflects your inner beauty, individuality, and spirit. You can only have these results when you have a personalized course of treatment — crafted specifically to achieve your goals — and executed by a surgeon with decades worth of training and experience and a well-honed, aesthetic eye. These are the characteristics that make Dr. Mashhadian one of the most widely-regarded and sought after surgeons nationwide.


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