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The M Pout Lift – by Dr. Mashhadian

The “M Pout Lift™“ is a surgical lip lift procedure perfected by Dr. David Mashhadian. The M Pout Lift helps patients achieve a fuller, sexier smile and lips with improved definition with minimal downtime and immediate results.

With age, the upper lip muscles begin relaxing, increasing the distance between the base of the nose to the upper lip line. This affects the aesthetic of the smile negatively, causing a lack of upper teeth to show when you smile and creating an aging face. Additionally, the upper lip develops an inward rotation, creating lack of definition and loss of fullness.

The M Pout Lift is a unique procedure improving the volume of the lip and accentuating sensual portions of the lip, improving to a youthful smile by showing more upper teeth.

Dr. Mashhadian customizes this procedure to each patient to create a masterfully natural result.

Unique features of the M Pout Lift

  • Enhancement of the cupid bow, (The Lip Flip, Creating Curves)
  • Restoration by shorting of the lip philtrum
  • Elevation of the central portion of the upper lip
  • Creation of the Lower Lip Central Cliff
  • An aesthetically pleasing youthful smile
  • More upper tooth show during smile
  • Decrease the need for frequent lip filler injections
  • Comfortable and safe procedure under local, with minimal recovery
  • An immediate and noticeable result
  • Hiding incision with post-op immediate scar treatment
  • All-natural speedy recovery supplement

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As part of his overall assessment of the aging face and beautification process, and having a unique perspective with tremendous background and extensive experience in Maxillo-Facial Surgery with thousands of operations in and out about the mouth allows him, as surgeon, to assess and treat patients effectively and comfortably beyond any other specialty.

The M Pout Lift™ is a modified, and improved upper lip lift procedure perfected to its best. You may also find a similar procedure being called “bull’s horn lip lift” or “gull-wing lip lift”. The newly modified and enhanced procedure the M Pout Lift™ address’s the shortcomings of the original procedure.

Many surgeons avoid offering this procedure due to a lack of knowledge and diagnostic capabilities of the unique area. In addition, most general plastic surgeons are comfortable operating in and out around the mouth. Dr. Mashhadian has unique training both in Cosmetic Surgery and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, which uniquely positions him to diagnosis, and treat his patient’s needs.

Dr. Mashhadian’s unique approach to the M Pout Lift™ allows him to place the incision in strategical areas rendering it virtually invisible. The subtle yet important attention to detail with the closure of incision in multiple layers, and modification of surgical approach to avoid widening, lengthen the scar and increase the base of the nose, has addressed all the stereotypical issues that have plagued this amazing procedure.


*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary