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At Rodeo Surgical Art our surgeon, Dr. David Mashhadian is considered a specialist in Breast Surgery Beverly Hills.  Breast implants can make your breasts look much bigger and/or shapelier.  This in turn will drastically change the way that you feel and the way that the public sees you.  Both younger and older ladies have opted for breast implants and have experienced very good results.

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

We have plenty of happy breast augmentation Beverly Hills patients that will testify to this fact.  As a matter of fact many of these ladies say that they have a better looking body, feel more confident and have experienced an enhanced sex life.

Women absolutely love getting breast implants.  Beverly Hills is still getting its fair share of these surgeries, which has greatly improved technology overall.  Prospective patients have plenty of selections that they can choose from.  You can now get things such as saline or silicone implants. You can even get gel implants if you request them.  Surgeons are highly trained and can offer you surgeries that have advanced technology in breast augmentation.

Who will Find Beverly Hills Breast Implants the Most Beneficial?

The most suitable prospects will be those ladies who do not like the look, shape or size of their natural breasts.  When they are too little, they are not in proportion to the other parts of the body.  Surgeons can make breasts much bigger and greatly improve the appearance and shape of a patient’s breasts.  There are even instances where surgeons can help women who have breasts that have an abnormal shape or appearance.

Breast Surgery Beverly Hills

Your doctor can put in your breast implants in many different ways.  Every procedure begins with Dr. Mashhadian making a cut that will let him place the implant.  This is usually placed just under the nipple area.  The cut is sealed by making specific sutures.  Most of the surgeries performed at our location will require general anesthesia, but sometimes local anesthesia via IV sedation exists for certain surgeries.  Most surgeries will only last about one hour.

Once the Surgery is Done

The doctor will patch up the cut and the patient is provided with a special bra that should be worn during the recovery period.  You might see bruises and experience pain.  However, this will be based upon each patient and what was done.  The standard recovery time is around one to two weeks.

*individual results may vary.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary