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You can opt to increase your breast size and get a breast lift too.  This is known as augmentation mastopexy and is an ideal solution to many women wanting to look their best.  This is a breast augmentation surgery Beverly Hills in which both procedures are done during the same time period.

This type of surgery means that the surgeon will put either a silicone or saline implant into your breast in either a subglandular or submuscular location.  You will also receive a Beverly Hills breast lift resulting in an incision around the nipple.

Los Angeles Breast Augmentation

Who would find a breast augmentation mastopexy advantageous?

Anyone who has sagging breasts or have breasts that have decreased in volume will find an augmentation mastopexy very beneficial. The following are things to consider if you are thinking about a Beverly Hills breast lift surgery, augmentation or both.

*If the breast has the right amount of volume and size, then nothing else will be needed other than a breast lift.

*If the breast is in the right position, but it is does not have the right size or volume, then you will need a breast augmentation.

*If the breast is lacking in volume, size and position, then you will benefit from getting an augmentation mastopexy in order to make your breasts look better.

Lifting the breasts

Breast lift surgery Beverly Hills will result in either a partial or circumferential nipple incision.  Sometimes you might also need a vertical incision.  This is usually the case if the nipple has to be positioned up higher.  Once the incisions have been done, some of the skin and glandular tissue must be repositioned in order to make the breast look better.

Increasing breast size

Breast implants can be put in via various methods.  However, they all consist of Dr. Mashhadian making an incision and placing the implant under the nipple.  With an augmentation mastopexy, an incision is done around the nipple in order to insert the implant.

Post breast lift and augmentation With this type of surgery, there will be tape and gauze that cover your incision wound.  Also, you will have to wear a special bra during the recovery period, which may last about one or two weeks for each surgery.  This time period will be extended, if you have multiple procedures done.  Please note that of the surgeries mentioned, the breast lift with augmentation is the most involved surgery. This will be explained in detail during your consultation with Dr Mashhadian.

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