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Breast lifts can dramatically improve the look of most women’s breasts.  Things like the amount that the breasts have dropped and the amount of extra skin, the firmness of the skin, the existing size of the breasts, the new requested breast size, the location of the nipple and what your cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles recommends, will affect the kind of breast lift Los Angeles that is actually done.  The following are the most traditional ones:

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles
  • 1. The crescent or mini lift consists of taking out the crescent tissue by placing an incision along the top portion of the areola and moving it up.  This can be done only when there is not that much skin laxity.  Many breast surgeons Los Angeles perform this procedure.
  • 2. A periareolarmastopexy, has other names like purse string, circumareolar, donut or benellimastopexy.  This consists of tightening the skin, shaping and moving the nipple by placing an incision that goes around the whole nipple.  A portion of the skin is taken away from the nipple and converts into a bigger circle to form a much smaller one.  This is done with breasts that are sagging a little bit.  Los Angeles cosmetic surgery patients will request this particular method when they do not want that many scars.  But, most Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons usually will not suggest this particular technique because it can create a strange and flat shape that is considered to be very unattractive.
  • 3. The lollipop breast lift Los Angeles will consist of an incision that goes around the nipple and then goes down to the crease that is in the lower portion of the breast.  It produces a lollipop shape, which is why it has this name.
  • 4. The inverted T or anchor shaped Los Angeles breast lift is the most widely used method.  It is a combination of both the circumareolar and vertical incisions.  It goes down to the crease in the lower part of the chest, but it also places a different incision along the crease as well.  This ends up producing a scar that looks  like a “T” that has been inverted.  This particular procedure will let the surgeon shape and position the breasts much more, which makes the breasts look a lot more natural. Your surgeon will be able to go over all of these different types of breast lift surgery Los Angeles options during your consultation.

The Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift surgery is done when you are under general anesthesia.  The surgery time will be based upon the different procedure that is utilized for the breast lift and if you will have breast implants put in at the same time.  If you are opting for the full lift, which is the inverted  “T” option and breast implants, then the normal time is about two and a half hours to three hours.  You will then be placed in the recovery room for about another one and a half hours. This particular procedure is usually done in combination with a tummy tuck and liposuction.  It is usually called something like a mommy makeover, which is done to make these areas look better after your pregnancy. Breast Lift Recovery The breast lift, when done alone, will not result in that much pain after the surgery.  When breast implants are inserted, there is additional discomfort.  The amount is the same that you could expect for a regular breast augmentation Los Angeles.

You must wear circumferential bandages on your chest for a couple of days.  You will then have to eventually start wearing a support bra.  The surgeon normally suggests that a support bra is worn in order to give the required amount of support to the surgical area.  This will help to reduce the breasts from sagging in the future.

A majority of women feel well enough to go back to work or school within a few days or a week.  It is suggested that you do not partake in strenuous exercises for about the first three weeks after your surgery.

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