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Removing or Replacing Breast Implants

According to recent studies on breast implants, about twenty five percent (25%) of all females who have cosmetic surgery for their breasts tend to need more surgery within three to five years.  Removing breast implants can be very beneficial if the initial surgery was not successful.  One of the main benefits is that it stops the physical problems that you might be having.   Selecting an expert at Revision Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills is essential to make sure your breasts will look and feel better, if the implants were not put in correctly in the first place.

Breast Implants Beverly Hills

Implant Problems

Obviously, the main reason for Beverly Hills breast augmentation revision surgery is to correct the implants that have already been put in.  Corrections may involve any of the following conditions:

*Too much scar tissue exists, which places too much weight on the implant.

*The implant was put in incorrectly. *The implant starts leaking.

*The implant starts to get wrinkles underneath the skin.

*The implant has folds in it.

*The implant just doesn’t look right.

Each woman is different, but there are some who just want their implants taken out.  Others want them to be corrected.  If a woman chooses the first option, there is the possibility that this will result in deformed breast appearance.

Breasts That Will Look Better

If the implants are not positioned correctly, this will make a woman look uneven.  Revision breast implant surgery in Beverly Hills usually involves getting rid of some of the excess scar tissue or correcting the position of the implant.  When the breast implant is replaced, this will make the woman look better by getting rid of diminished implants.  Then the right ones can be put in. A lot of women will just want to get new implants because they have already made a new decision about some portion of the procedure.  Many times they think that they picked out the incorrect implant size and want to get bigger or smaller ones.  There are also times when breast implants just don’t look as good as they used to.  They, too, will start to droop, just like regular breasts do over time.

Improved Self-Confidence

When a woman wants to look better and chooses to get breast implants and things go wrong, this can have a detrimental effect. Women with Breast implants Beverly Hills and everywhere else want to look their best. Trying to make things better at this point with revision surgery is a great option. This is a quick fix and will help the woman gain confidence once again.  Once this type of surgery is done, the recovery process is just like others.  You will swell up and will be in pain for about two weeks.  It is good to wear compression clothing during this time in order to help limit side effects.

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