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Reshaping Your Face with Botox

Botox is used to relax the muscles in your face via injection. There are many happy individuals benefiting from the results of botox in Los Angeles.   Usually it is used on muscles that cause wrinkles.  It works to successfully stop the signal known as acetylcholine that makes your muscles contract.

Facial Reshaping Los Angeles

How Does Botox Reshape Your Face

Most people want to have a face that is a little bit more narrower.  In Los Angeles botox can be used to achieve this result.  People feel they want a face that has a narrow shape or they think that their jaw line is getting too big.  This usually results when you like to clench your jaw muscles a lot.  This muscle will look larger when you clench it and it will get bigger, if you continue to do this as the years go by. Los Angeles Botox injections will help the muscle to relax when injected directly.  When the muscle is relaxed, the jaw line will not look as big.  The muscle will get smaller and it will lose its strength as more time goes by.

Will Botox Reshape Your Face Permanently?

No, a Botox facial injection will not last forever.  It will last for about 4 months.  However, when you get a lot of treatments during the year, your muscles will continue to be in a state of relaxation and your face will retain its new shape.  The more treatments, it leads to atrophy, which will improve your facial shape for the long haul.

What Will Happen During My Botox Injection Session?

When you meet with Dr. Mashhadian, he will look at your face and decide if Botox is suitable for you.  You can get a botox treatment in Beverly Hills the same day as your consultation. It will only take around fifteen minutes to inject the Botox and you will not have to worry about downtime after the injection.  You probably will not be able to use these facial muscles for around two weeks, but you will not feel any discomfort either.   However, please note that you will not see the results of the injection until about two weeks after your Botox injection.

Can Botox Make TMJ Much Better?

TMJ is a generic term that describes the pain that is felt in your jaw and other areas that are near it.  A Botox injection can be utilized to relax the jaw and reduce pain.

Where Can I Get a Botox Facial Reshaping Done?

Botox Los Angeles is a popular treatment. Its important that you work with an expert to ensure the best results.

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