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Case 1003_1
Case 1003
Unhappy with his protruding ears and was looking for a change before starting the next phase of his life. Dr. Mashhadian preformed was an Otoplasty to give him the look he wanted.
Case 1004_1
Case 1004
After years of wearing heavy earrings her ear lobes began to stretch and eventually tore! No longer able to wear earrings in fear of further damage she came to Dr. Mashhadian to close her holes. He performed a bilateral Ear Lobe Repair returning her ears to their pre-pierced state.
Case 1005_1
Case 1005
After wearing ear gauges (thick earrings) for years, his left ear developed a severe keloid and not only was he no longer able to wear his gauges but he was left with an unsightly growth. Dr. Mashhadian performed was an Ear lobe repair to remove the keloid and restore his ears to a natural state.
Case 1006_1
Case 1006
Bilateral earlobe reduction and earlobe scar revision.
Case 1001_1
Case 1001
Unhappy with her protruding ears she felt self-conscious and wanted to have it fixed before going off to college in the fall. Dr. Mashhadian preformed was an Otoplasty to correct her look.
Case 1002_1
Case 1002
Always feeling self-conscious with her big ears after starting high school and wanted to go back for her sophomore year with a new found confidence. Dr. Mashhadian helped make this possible by performing an Otoplasty. The incision is well hidden behind the ear